Weekly horoscope January 7-13, 2019: Venus enters Sagittarius!

Aries: Venus favorable!

Dear Aries, starting from Monday you can count on the favor of Venus, which will bring a breath of passion into your life! New encounters and new loves are possible: just put fears aside and embark on new challenges without being held back by the past. The days of Saturday and Sunday in particular will be super-lucky: the moon in conjunction will accentuate your sentimental side and it will be impossible to resist you!

Taurus: good news!

Dear Toro, finally some good news! This week the planet Venus will change domicile and will no longer be in opposition to your sign! All the quarrels and misunderstandings with the partner of the last period will be a distant memory and together you will be able to rebuild the relationship on a more solid basis.Also at work some good news are coming in the coming weeks, thanks to Mercury that becomes favorable on Saturday.

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Gemini: Venus opposite ...

Dear Gemini, there is good and bad news for your sign this week. Let's start with the good one? The planet Mercury, starting from Saturday, will no longer be in opposition to your sign and your projects, especially the work ones, will restart with more strength and determination than before! The bad thing, however, is that Venus will come into opposition and problems and difficulties could arise in your life as a couple ...

Cancer: Mercury against ...

Dear Cancer, unfortunately this week the planet Mercury will come into opposition to your sign, and this will make it more complicated in the next period to get the results you want, both in the context of relationships and in the professional one. If it is possible for you to fix a matter left unresolved in the office, do it on Thursdays and Fridays, when you have the moon on your side. In the meantime, treat yourself to some carefree time and time for yourself: what do you think of a new nail polish, for example?

Leo: beware of the moon!

Dear Leo, finally this week the planet Venus will no longer be unfavorable to your sign and, on the contrary, it will help you resolve all those issues that have been the subject of heated discussions between you and your partner in the last period. Be careful, however, to postpone any confrontation from Thursday onwards: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday a moon in opposition could make you very nervous and make you say things you would regret.

Virgo: tension with the partner ...

Dear Virgo, this week unfortunately the planet Venus stops favoring your relationship: misunderstandings, quarrels and jealousies could arise between you and your partner. The most dangerous days from this point of view will be those of Thursday and Friday, when the moon will also be opposite and you will feel particularly nervous. Better to wait until the weekend to face the problems of the couple with greater serenity.

Libra: luck in love and at work!

Dear Libra, this week the planet Venus is back on your side! Those in a couple will see the passion reborn, while singles could have lucky encounters. But be careful at the weekend: between Saturday and Sunday something may not go exactly as you expected ... Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, however, will be three important days on the working front, in which confirmations and good news await you.

Scorpio: good news is coming!

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately this week the planet Venus leaves your sign, but your relationship is so strong and stable right now that it will hardly be affected! Good news will arrive on the business front: starting on Saturday, the planet Mercury will begin to act in your favor and in the coming weeks you may receive an important call or the answer you were waiting for.

Sagittarius: it's your time!

Dear Sagittarius, are you ready to feel your heart pounding? Your time has come: this week the planet Venus enters your sign, promising you a period of great fortune from a sentimental point of view. Good news could also arrive at work, especially possible on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Instead, pay attention to the somewhat stressful days of Thursday and Friday.

Capricorn: welcome, Mercury!

Dear Capricorn, wonderful news coming for your sign: starting on Saturday, the planet Mercury will enter your sign! This means that the next few weeks will be particularly important and significant for your work: confirmations, awards and recognitions may arrive, as well as opportunities to be seized on the fly. Lucky days of the week: Thursday and Friday. A bit of a bad mood on the weekend ...

Aquarius: the serene is back!

Dear Aquarius, your pains of love will finally end this week! The last period was not easy for your sign, but now harmony will return to your life as a couple and your passion will flourish again. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be super lucky days thanks to the conjunction of the moon: you could have some important meeting or have a good chance at work. Lucky on the weekend too.

Pisces: heart problems ...

Dear Pisces, this week unfortunately Venus will become unfavorable to your sign. In your love life misunderstandings and tensions may arise and it will not always be easy to be able to dialogue with your partner ... Fortunately, the moon comes to your rescue and gives you two peaceful days, those of Thursday and Friday. Good news could also arrive at work thanks to Mercury who, starting Saturday, will be on your side!

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