Weekly horoscope from 6 to 12 August 2018: Venus enters Libra!

Aries: Venus opposite ...

Dear Aries, bad news for you this week: unfortunately Venus comes into opposition to your sign! The tensions that in the last period snaked between you and your partner will risk leading to real quarrels, especially on the particularly nervous days of Wednesday and Thursday ... More fortunate, however, are those of Friday and Saturday. Check now if your boyfriend belongs to one of those signs most likely to betray:

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Taurus: don't fear change!

Dear Taurus, Mercury in an unfavorable position this week could create a few more problems for you, especially in the workplace. There are several changes in sight, and that doesn't have to scare you! Bet everything on lucky moon days: Wednesday and Thursday. Instead, avoid discussions with your partner at the weekend, when you might feel particularly nervous, ending up unloading everything on him even if it doesn't matter ...

Gemini: how much passion!

Dear Gemini, Venus finally returns to smile at you! This week the planet of love stops hindering your relationship and returns to fill your days with positive emotions and lots and lots of passion. Whether he is the right man for you or not, only time will tell. Monday and Tuesday, with the moon in conjunction, there could be some good news, especially in the workplace. The days of Friday and Saturday are also lucky.

Cancer: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Cancer, this week unfortunately the planet Venus will take an unfavorable position for your sign. It will not always be easy to understand each other with your partner and the risk, for you, will be that of losing patience ... Fortunately there will be the moon to act in your favor, especially on the super-lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday, when it will enter your sign: make the most of them to solve any conversation you have pending with your partner!

Leo: number one!

Dear Leo, this week you will not only be able to count on the conjunction of Mercury, but also on the favor of Venus, returning to your side! Love will blossom in these summer days, and it could be something more than a simple flirt ... Super-lucky days, in which anything can happen, will be those of Friday and Saturday. At work, awards and confirmations continue to arrive: you will be number one!

Virgo: moon in conjunction!

Dear Virgo, starting this week - sadly - Venus will no longer be in your sign. In the last few weeks, however, you have managed to strengthen your relationship and now you feel so confident and in love that nothing can go wrong! The luckiest day of the week will be Sunday, when a beautiful moon in conjunction will give you great emotions. A bit nervous, however, on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Libra: the triumph of love!

Dear Libra, this week the summer of love officially begins for your sign! Venus has just entered the conjunction: decidedly hot weeks are ahead, in which passion and feeling will be the real protagonists. Whether you are still single or not, get ready to dream! Good news also comes from the workplace, with a nice Mercury that could give you some nice surprises between Monday and Tuesday.

Scorpio: be patient ...

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately this week you will lose the support of Venus and you may experience a few more moments of tension with your partner. Misunderstandings with bosses and colleagues could also arise at work. You will have to wait until September for a situation you care about to finally break free. In the meantime, it is all about the lucky moon days, those of Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday!

Sagittarius: good news!

Dear Sagittarius, great news for your sign! Finally this week the planet Venus will return to your side, and all the sufferings of love of the last period will become just a distant memory. You will just have to have a little more patience on Mondays and Tuesdays, when the moon in opposition could still make you feel tensions. Good news coming between Friday and Saturday!

Capricorn: doubts of love ...

Dear Capricorn, unfortunately this week the planet Venus will stop supporting your relationship and it will become unfavorable to your sign ... with your partner, discussions could light up, especially possible on Wednesday and Thursday, when you will also have the moon in opposition! Do not act on impulse (which does not belong to your sign), but try to understand if you are really in love and what you want for your future.

Aquarius: Venus returns to smile at you!

Dear Aquarius, finally good news for your sign, which in the last period is made particularly anxious by the opposition of Mercury! This week Venus will turn favorable and, at least on the sentimental front, things will begin to adjust. Black days, from a business point of view, instead risk being those of Friday and Saturday, when you will also have the moon in opposition ...

Pisces: the serene is back!

Dear Pisces, finally - starting this week - the planet Venus will no longer be in opposition! In the last period you have definitely suffered from matters of the heart, but now you will be able little by little to start over and find your lost serenity. Bet everything on the lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday, when even the dialogue with the partner will be easier. Attention, however, to the slightly nervous day on Sunday.

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