Weekly horoscope from 5 to 11 November 2018: good news for the fire signs!

Aries: focus on work!

Dear Aries, your week begins with two really heavy days: the moon and Venus in opposition risk bringing bad mood and tension into your life as a couple that could degenerate on Monday and Tuesday. Better concentrate on work: in this area the planets will be ready to favor you and, starting from day 9, Jupiter will begin a period full of new opportunities and interesting projects, destined for success.

Taurus: a new beginning!

Dear Taurus, finally - starting on Friday - you will no longer have the planet Jupiter in opposition! A much more favorable period from a professional point of view will open for you and will soon bear fruit. On Wednesday and Thursday, the opposing moon will make you feel a little down and stressed. Better at the weekend: the proximity of someone special will help you recover better ... Find out now the best adjectives to describe your sign:

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Gemini: Opposite Jupiter ...

Dear Gemini, unfortunately this week the planet Jupiter will come into opposition to your sign: it is not a good time to leave the certain for the uncertain! Especially in the workplace, it is better for you to strengthen your position instead of launching yourself into new projects. Favorable Venus gives love and passion to your life as a couple. But be careful not to be too stubborn in your positions, especially on the nervous days of Fridays and Saturdays.

Cancer: ups and downs ...

Dear Cancer, your week looks a bit nervous and full of ups and downs in terms of feelings. Venus in an unfavorable position does not facilitate communication with the partner and the risk of not being able to understand each other will be quite high, especially on the opposite moon day on Sunday. Instead, focus everything on Wednesdays and Thursdays: there will be no shortage of lucky opportunities to grab!

Leo: a super week!

Dear Leone, are you ready to live a really super week? You will have the planet Venus on your side, ready to give you endless emotions in the sentimental field. Even at work, things will go great, especially on Friday, when Jupiter will be added to favorable Mercury: great successes await you on the horizon! Bad days: Wednesday and Thursday, when you will be a little down in tone.

Virgo: be patient ...

Dear Virgo, you are someone who does nothing by chance and, even in the professional field, you stand out for your meticulousness and precision. Unfortunately with the disfavor of Mercury and, starting from Friday, also with that of Jupiter, it could be more difficult to obtain recognition and gratification, although you feel you deserve them. Be patient and bet everything on Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will bring you luck.

Libra: great!

Dear Libra, your week starts off great, with a lunar Monday and Tuesday in conjunction. They will be two very lucky days, in which feelings will come first. Venus in the sign will help singles to make conquests and all the others to break some hearts… Even at work, expect excellent results and some good news: starting from Friday, favorable Jupiter will help you carry out your projects for the best.

Scorpio: bye bye, Jupiter ...

Dear Scorpio, this week unfortunately Jupiter will abandon your sign, closing a long period of changes that has led you to become, in recent months, more aware and closer to the woman you want to be. Continue on this path and you will be able to enjoy all your deserved successes. Wednesday and Thursday will be the luckiest days of the week, with a beautiful moon in conjunction that will give you an edge.

Sagittarius: successes and heartbeat!

Dear Sagittarius, starting from Friday, a really favorable period will begin for you, full of successes: Jupiter in conjunction will give you important opportunities and goals to cut. Along with him, Mercury will also play its part in fostering encounters and relationships that will prove useful. Venus in a favorable position, for its part, helps you in terms of feelings: get ready to experience a weekend full of heartbeat!

Capricorn: problems with your him ...

Dear Capricorn, the unfavorable position of Venus continues to create problems in your life as a couple. Tensions grow between you and your partner: it is better to let them explode immediately than to cultivate a silent discontent that risks doing long-term damage! Monday and Tuesday will be two rather nervous days. To find some peace of mind, you will have to wait for the weekend: on Sunday, with the moon in conjunction, you will be able to feel more cheerful and serene.

Aquarius: novelty and passion!

Dear Aquarius, if in the last period you have had some difficulties in the workplace, now finally things will settle for the best: in favor of Mercury is added Jupiter, who, starting from Friday, will be able to give you good news and new opportunities , all to be seized on the fly. In love, Venus favors your relationship, giving your life as a couple that extra bit of passion.

Pisces: Jupiter unfavorable ...

Dear Pisces, unfortunately this week the planet Jupiter will stop being favorable to you and will start a difficult period in the workplace, in which you may find yourself encountering some blocks or more difficulties. Do not despair: you have love on your side and, above all, a beautiful moon ready to give you many emotions, especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Instead, be careful not to get too nervous on Fridays and Saturdays.

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