Weekly horoscope from 5 to 11 March 2018: Mercury and Venus in Aries!

Aries: number 1!

Dear Aries, are you ready to live your moment? This week ushers in a very lucky and full of surprises period for your sign! From Tuesday, in fact, both the planet Venus and the planet Mercury will arrive in conjunction: great news await you in every area of ​​your life. If you have experienced disappointments on a sentimental or professional level, do not worry! Your revenge will come shortly.

Taurus: heavy start of the week ...

Dear Taurus, your week opens with three rather heavy days. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, in fact, the moon will be in opposition to your sign and you may find obstacles in your path. Be careful not to get in a bad mood! Fortunately, at the weekend, things will improve and you will be able to enjoy a Saturday and Sunday that is not only lucky, but also full of emotions. Here are three adjectives to describe your sign:

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Gemini: luck returns!

Dear Gemelli, the misfortune of the last period is about to end! Starting from Tuesday both the planet Venus and the planet Mercury will finally return to smile at you. All the doubts that have plagued you on a sentimental level in recent weeks will be answered and you will feel ready to love again. Attention only to the days of Thursday and Friday, when the moon will be in opposition to your sign and some inconvenience may arise.

Cancer: bad news ...

Dear Cancer, unfortunately there is no great news for your sign this week: starting from Tuesday, both Venus and Mercury will become unfavorable. In love, important tensions could arise with the partner: be careful not to pull the rope too hard and avoid arguments especially on the days of the opposite moon, Saturday and Sunday. Don't lose faith in your story and you will succeed!

Leo: long live Venus!

Dear Leo, starting from Tuesday, Venus will return in favor of your sign! The planet of love prepares you for great emotions and important encounters ... is the right one about to arrive? The luckiest days to get to know him could be Thursday and Friday. Confirmations, successes and promotions are also on the way at work. Favorable Mercury helps you establish very profitable professional relationships.

Virgo: let's breathe again ...

Dear Virgo, you can finally say goodbye to the opposition of Venus and Mercury which made the last period really difficult for your sign! Starting from Tuesday, you will be able to breathe again and you will be able to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation, especially on Saturday and Sunday, which will be particularly peaceful thanks to a beautiful favorable moon. A bit of nervousness is expected on Thursday and Friday instead.

Libra: Mercury and Venus opposite ...

Dear Libra, this week unfortunately does not bode well for your sign ... both Venus and Mercury, starting from Tuesday, will enter into opposition. Tensions will be on the agenda, both at home and at work ... do not get anxious and focus on the luckiest days of Thursday and Friday, when you will have a favorable moon to assist you! Discussions with the partner are scheduled between Saturday and Sunday ...

Scorpio: great!

Dear Scorpio, your week starts off great with three moon days in conjunction! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be really lucky and you will receive more than one satisfaction. The weekend also bodes well as far as feelings are concerned. At work everything is going well: if you still don't see the results you were hoping for, know that you just have to be patient and Jupiter will get them to arrive!

Sagittarius: peace returns in love!

Dear Sagittarius, you can say goodbye to the disfavor of Venus that has made your love life at least complicated in the last period: starting from Tuesday, things with your partner will settle down and you will be able to regain serenity. Even at work you will see a clear improvement: nice surprises could come on Thursday and Friday, when - in addition to the favor of Mercury - you will also have that of the moon in conjunction.

Capricorn: the moon takes care of it!

Dear Capricorn, this week unfortunately you will lose the support of Venus and Mercury who have helped and supported you in the last period, giving you important results. With the disfavor of the two planets, you could experience a moment of arrest, both professionally and emotionally. Fortunately, the moon will help you, giving you a truly fantastic weekend, alongside someone special.

Aquarius: great news!

Dear Aquarius, great news this week: starting from Tuesday, both the planet Venus and Mercury will return to smile at you, ending a period of confusion and indecision. Finally all those situations that have remained pending, both on the working and on the sentimental level, will find a solution, and it will also be the best possible! Beware of unfortunate moon days, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Pisces: bye bye Venus and Mercury ...

Dear Pisces, this week unfortunately both Venus and Mercury abandon your sign to move into that of Aries. Don't worry: the last period has given you enormous satisfaction that will continue to give you many benefits over the next few weeks. Lucky days, with a beautiful favorable moon, will be those of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Between Thursday and Friday, however, something may not go exactly as you wish ...

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