Weekly horoscope from 4 to 10 June 2018: what a moon, Pisces!

Aries: misunderstandings with the partner ...

Dear Aries, the excellent position of Mercury and the moon in conjunction on Friday and Saturday promise many surprises and interesting encounters. At work, the news you have been waiting for for some time may arrive. The situation on the sentimental front is not as positive ... Venus in an unfavorable position leads couples to misunderstandings and quarrels, which could create tension especially on weekends.

Taurus: what a sky!

Dear Taurus, your sky is wonderful when it comes to feelings! Favorable Venus gives you passion and harmony as a couple, and who knows, you might be the first to say “I love you”… The best day of the week will be Sunday, when the moon in conjunction will give you very strong emotions. The days of Tuesday and Wednesday are also lucky, while a dissonant moon could create some setbacks on Monday.

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Gemini: Mercury in the sign!

Dear Gemini, Mercury is in your sign and this gives you a great ability to juggle your social life.You will be the queen of the party, the most desired and the most requested, even at work! Particularly lucky, from this point of view, will be the days of Monday, Thursday and Friday. But be careful not to say a few words too many between Tuesday and Wednesday… you might regret it! Discover the three best adjectives to describe yourself:

Cancer: what a romance!

Dear Cancer, this is a very important time for your sign as far as feelings are concerned: Venus in conjunction invites you to make choices that will strengthen your relationship more and more. Some Cancerians might think of a cohabitation, or even a marriage ... Lots of emotions and shared happiness, especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, when the moon will smile at you.

Leo: opposite moon ...

Dear Leo, your week does not start in the best way: the moon in opposition on Monday makes you feel quite nervous. Avoid acting too instinctively and calmly evaluate the situation in the following days, when the calm returns. Favorable Mercury, in fact, gives you all the opportunities you need and puts next to you the most suitable people to help you, even if you always try to do everything alone!

Virgo: what a stress!

Dear Virgo, this week is likely to be quite stressful for your sign. The opposition of the moon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and the disfavor of Mercury will create obstacles in the workplace and in relationships. You will not feel understood by most of the people around you and your nervousness will skyrocket ... Then trust your partner: favorable Venus reminds you that you can always count on love.

Libra: focus on work!

Dear Libra, this week it is better not to stick too hard with your partner and try to let it go… An unfavorable Venus risks degenerating the smallest discussion into an endless fight, especially on moon days in opposition, those of Friday and Saturday! Instead, it focuses on the work front, where great satisfactions could arrive starting from Monday, with a lucky moon.

Scorpio: long live love!

Dear Scorpio, this week the planet Venus will give you all the luck in love you deserve. Newly born couples will find a particularly strong understanding, while long-standing ones will be able to strengthen even more. Singles, on the other hand, keep their eyes open, especially on days favorable to dating - those on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! The only slightly negative day will be Sunday, with the moon in opposition.

Sagittarius: opposite Mercury ...

Dear Sagittarius, with Mercury in opposition it will not be easy for your sign to carry out its projects this week ... You may find more obstacles than expected and people unwilling to collaborate, who could put a spoke in the wheel. The luckiest days will be those of Monday, Friday and Saturday. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, however, you may feel particularly out of sorts.

Capricorn: problems in love ...

Dear Capricorn, the opposition of Venus is starting to make itself felt, and unfortunately the tension with the partner will be tangible ... Some of you may come to suspect a betrayal. Then seek dialogue as much as possible, especially on days with a favorable moon, that is, those of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But be careful not to lose too much patience on the stressful days of Friday and Saturday.

Aquarius: a splendid start!

Dear Aquarius, your week is off to a great start, with the moon in conjunction on Monday. You may receive some good news or reach a special milestone at work that will make you appreciate it more than usual. Also lucky are the days of Friday and Saturday when you will experience moments of great relaxation and fun. Instead, pay attention to Sunday: the unfavorable moon could make you a little nervous ...

Pisces: love surprises you!

Dear Pisces, this week love is ready to amaze you! The favor of Venus and the moon in conjunction on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will give you emotions you haven't felt for a long time. The passion will really skyrocket! Some problems, however, could arise on the working front: unfavorable Mercury creates disagreements and misunderstandings in the office. Be careful not to trust the wrong people!

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