Weekly horoscope from July 30 to August 5, 2018: heart problems for Pisces!

Aries: lucky moon!

Dear Aries, a wonderful week is being prepared for you, blessed with luck! The moon will shine in your sign on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: three really lucky days, in which an opportunity not to be missed could present itself, or you could have a meeting that you will not easily forget ... In love, be careful not to act in a manner too impulsive. Discover the three best adjectives to describe yourself:

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Taurus: luckily there is love ...

Dear Taurus, Venus smiles at you and is ready to give you another week full of love and passion. Above all, it will be the weekend to make you experience the most beautiful emotions alongside a special person. At work, however, not everything goes as it should: the risk is to feel undervalued or little understood by bosses and colleagues, especially in the central part of the week. Bet everything on the lucky days of Monday and Tuesday.

Gemini: put pride aside!

Dear Gemini, it seems that you and your partner have a different vision of the couple and your future, and it will not be easy to understand each other! With Venus unfavorable, if you want to find your serenity, you will have to put aside your pride and work hard on it. At work, however, excellent news and good results expected on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Nervous, however, those of Monday and Tuesday.

Cancer: massacre of hearts!

Dear Cancer, your week begins beautifully with two days kissed by luck: on Monday and Tuesday the moon will shine in your favor and a complicated situation could finally find a solution ... Love continues to be the protagonist of your life, with a beautiful Venus ready to make you dream, especially on weekends. Singles should be careful: in this period they will make a real slaughter of hearts!

Leo: aim high!

Dear Leone, the central part of this week has some nice surprises in store for you: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be three days full of emotions, which will give you good successes in the workplace, and on a personal level all the affection you desire. . Mercury in conjunction continues to pave your way: do not lose sight of your goal and the sky will do everything to make it possible for you to reach it! A little tired on the weekend.

Virgo: love is the protagonist!

Dear Virgo, your week does not start in the best way: the days of Monday and Tuesday will be quite heavy and you may feel a bit down in the dumps because of the opposing moon. The following days will help you recover your energy, but it will be especially the weekend that will give you great satisfaction! Love will be the protagonist of your days: Venus in conjunction ensures you romance and passion.

Libra: opposite moon ...

Dear Libra, the planets are on your side, but the opposing moon on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will make you feel pretty out of sorts. You have no reason to be embittered: Mercury will help you solve all those situations that at the moment appear blocked or uncertain, putting special people by your side ready to help you. Fortunately, at the weekend you will be able to relax and recover some energy.

Scorpio: some difficulties to overcome ...

Dear Scorpio, this week you may experience some difficult moments on the working front: unfavorable Mercury creates a few more obstacles in your path and you will feel like you don't have the right allies by your side. Fortunately, in love you will live the opposite situation: you will be more and more convinced of your partner and of the feelings you have for him. Between Saturday and Sunday, the moon in opposition could make you feel a little down.

Sagittarius: doubts and uncertainties ...

Dear Sagittarius, you are having a difficult time when it comes to feelings. Venus in an unfavorable position leads you to wonder if you are really in love or if you have the right person by your side. Monday and Tuesday, in particular, will be rather tense days, in which it will be better to avoid discussions. The central part of the week, on the other hand, promises good surprises, especially in the workplace. Days yes: Wednesday and Thursday.

Capricorn: long live Venus!

Dear Capricorn, the favorable position of Venus strengthens your relationship and your feelings. Those who have just started a story could be convinced that they have found the right person ... Lucky will be the days of Monday and Tuesday, but also the weekend, in which singles could have encounters that they will never forget. Attention, however, to the rather nervous days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Aquarius: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Aquarius, this period of blockade seems to never end! Unfortunately, the opposition of Mercury continues and gives you no respite: in the workplace the results are slow to arrive, but the positive side is that you will have all the time you need to understand what you really want. Bet everything on the lucky moon days, those of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Better to avoid arguments with your partner, however, on the weekend.

Pisces: look beyond the obstacle!

Dear Pisces, your week begins with a good energy, thanks to the moon in conjunction on Monday and Tuesday. Take the opportunity to focus on yourself and to clarify: Venus in opposition creates difficulties for you in the sentimental field, but you will find the strength to look beyond the obstacle. No anxiety: if your couple is made to last, you will find a way to understand each other, overcoming the difficulties of the moment.

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