Weekly horoscope from April 30th to May 6th 2018: lots of love for air signs!

Aries: great!

Dear Aries, a week as a great protagonist awaits you! Mercury in the sign will bring unexpected news and opportunities. If you have been working on a project for some time, you could take important steps forward: it will be impossible to say no! Love is also favored by a splendid Venus that gives you strong emotions, especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A bit of a bad mood, on the other hand, could catch you between Friday and Saturday.

Taurus: opposite moon ...

Dear Toro, your week does not start in the right way ... on Monday, unfortunately, you will find yourself having to face the opposition of the moon, which could create too many unexpected events. Better on the following days, and especially on Fridays and Saturdays, when you could have a particularly lucky encounter. Love continues to give you serenity and beautiful emotions ... don't be afraid of changes!

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Gemini: long live love!

Dear Gemini, with Venus finally in your sign, love overwhelms you as it hasn't happened for a long time: you will experience very strong emotions and an involvement that will take your breath away. Meetings and surprises will be on the agenda, and some good news could also come in the professional field. Pay attention only to the moon in opposition on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when something could go wrong ...

Cancer: count on him!

Dear Cancer, Mercury's disfavor creates friction, especially in the workplace. Stand up for yourself and carry out your projects with conviction, without paying too much attention to those who do not support you. The days of Friday and Saturday will be particularly nervous due to the opposing moon, but better those of Monday and Sunday, when you will finally be able to give yourself a little relaxation. You will be able to count on the support of someone special.

Leo: what a week!

Dear Leone, yours will be a week to remember! Finally, you have both the favor of Venus and Mercury on your side: the tensions of the last period, especially on a sentimental level, will be a distant memory and between you and your partner the calm will return. Between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday some good news could arrive in the workplace. The only day that is a bit nervous will be Sunday, when you will have the opposite moon.

Virgo: heart problems ...

Dear Virgo, the disfavor of Venus leads you once again to question your romantic relationship: doubts and tensions will accompany you especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when an unfavorable moon will certainly not help your mood. Between Friday and Saturday there will be a good recovery: take advantage of these days to talk with your partner about all the worries that are in your head ... Are you afraid that he will betray you? Check out his sign in this video:

Libra: in love the serene returns ...

Dear Libra, finally love returns to give you great satisfaction: if you have the right person by your side, you will experience an important moment of recovery after the recent crisis. If, on the other hand, you left single, you will have to wait a few more weeks before you can make new meetings ... the opposition of Mercury does not facilitate your interpersonal relationships and creates some problems even at work. Yes day: Sunday.

Scorpio: who starts well ...

Dear Scorpio, your week couldn't start any better than this! On Monday the moon will shine in your sign, giving you all the luck you need. During the week, then, there could be some nice confirmations on a professional level. With Jupiter in the sign, you are building a path of affirmation that will soon bear fruit. Days yes: Friday and Saturday. A bit of a bad mood, however, on Sunday.

Sagittarius: partner problems ...

Dear Sagittarius, unfortunately the entry of Venus in opposition to your sign does not bear good fruit in the sentimental field: you and your partner may find yourself arguing or having trust problems ... it is always better to face the issue with dialogue, especially on days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when you will have the moon in your sign to favor you. At work, Mercury guarantees excellent results, especially in the central part of the week.

Capricorn: grit your teeth!

Dear Capricorn, take another couple of weeks of patience, then finally you will no longer have unfavorable Mercury to hinder your professional path, causing you all that anxiety and stress you know well ... now the worst is gone, it's just a matter of tightening the teeth. Bet everything on super-lucky moon days: Friday and Saturday. You will be able to find in the person by your side all the support you need.

Aquarius: the stars smile at you!

Dear Aquarius, the stars are smiling at your sign from every angle this week! In fact, you can count on the favor of Venus, which will guarantee you love and passion to no end, but also on that of Mercury, which will help singles to make really lucky encounters ... The best days will be those of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, especially from the point of working view. For feelings, on the other hand, focuses everything on the very romantic super moon on Sunday.

Pisces: looking for confirmation ...

Dear Pisces, Venus unfavorable this week will give you a hard time on the sentimental level ... your relationship does not satisfy you as it should: you are looking for confirmations that your partner does not seem capable of giving you. Singles, on the other hand, may have difficulty starting a new relationship… Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be particularly tough. Better, however, between Friday and Saturday.

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