Weekly horoscope September 3-9, 2018: super favorite Virgo!

Aries: grit your teeth!

Dear Aries, strength and courage, the opposition of Venus is almost over! Sunday, finally, your love life will stop torturing you and in the coming weeks you will be able to find some serenity. Until then, grit your teeth! The luckiest days will be those of Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Particularly nervous, however, are those on Wednesday and Thursday, when you may have some small work problems ...

Taurus: face the problem ...

Dear Toro, is there something you would like to discuss with your partner, but that for one reason or another you keep putting off? You should address the issue, especially if it is a delicate one, by Sunday. From next week Venus will enter into opposition to your sign and understanding each other will no longer be so easy! Starting Wednesday, the planet Mercury will act in your favor and will give you great satisfaction in the workplace.

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Gemini: what a beautiful moon!

Dear Gemini, your week starts with a really lucky Monday and Tuesday, with the moon shining in your sign! They will be two days full of satisfaction and romance, thanks also to the favor of Venus. Starting from Wednesday, however, the planet Mercury will turn its back on you and you may find some blocks or some obstacles more at work. Sunday will be a bit tense day ... try to relax!

Cancer: super days!

Dear Cancer, a few more days of patience with this mischievous Venus, who continues to put a spoke in the wheel of your love life ... Starting from Sunday it will be a whole other story and love will triumph again! In the meantime, enjoy the two super-lucky days of the moon in conjunction, those of Wednesday and Thursday, when recognition or good news at work could also arrive.

Leo: bye bye, Mercury!

Dear Leo, this week, unfortunately, the planet Mercury will abandon your sign, after having given you a month of August full of satisfactions. Don't worry: good news and opportunities to grab on the fly continue to await you, especially on the lucky days of Fridays and Saturdays. In love, everything goes smoothly, at least until Sunday ... Check now if the sign of the man you frequent is among those most likely to betray:

Virgo: awarded by the stars!

Dear Virgo, we have now entered the month of September, which will be super lucky for your sign! Starting precisely from Wednesday, when the planet Mercury will come into conjunction, giving you unexpected opportunities, encounters and news. On Sunday, then, Venus will also return to your side: weeks full of great emotions and passion await you. Super lucky day: Sunday. No day: Monday.

Libra: love and passion!

Dear Libra, until Sunday you can still count on the conjunction of Venus: take advantage of it to fully enjoy all the affection and passion that your life as a couple gives you, without ever taking your partner for granted! From next week you will miss the amorous intensity of this period ... Beware of some small setback or work problem that could arise between Wednesday and Thursday.

Scorpio: welcome, Venus!

Dear Scorpio, get ready because a very special time is about to begin for your sign! Starting from Sunday, Venus will enter into conjunction: love in the coming weeks will be the great protagonist of your life, passion and feeling will certainly not be missing! Good news also in the workplace starting from Wednesday, when the planet Mercury will give you an unexpected opportunity.

Sagittarius: count on Venus!

Dear Sagittarius, your week opens with two rather heavy days: Monday and Tuesday, in fact, the moon in opposition can create some setbacks and put you on a bit of agitation. Unfortunately, starting from Wednesday, you will unfortunately lose Mercury's support and some discussions may arise with bosses and colleagues. The positive aspect of the week? The beautiful planet Venus, ready to give you endless love and passion.

Capricorn: a little more patience ...

Dear Capricorn, for another week you will have to endure Venus in negative aspect, but the good news is that, starting from Sunday, it will no longer be! A little patience, then, if tension and quarrels with your partner make you feel tired and stressed, especially on the nervous days of Wednesday and Thursday ... it will soon get better! Also recovering on the working front: from Wednesday Mercury will be ready to bring you good news!

Aquarius: good and bad news ...

Dear Aquarius, there are good and bad news for your sign this week. The good thing is that, starting on Wednesday, Mercury will no longer be in opposition: all the problems in the workplace that you have had to undergo in the last period will find a solution. The bad thing, however, is that starting from Sunday, Venus will no longer be favorable to your sign! In the coming weeks the tension with the partner will skyrocket ...

Pisces: problems at work ...

Dear Pisces, this week, unfortunately, the planet Mercury will come into opposition to your sign: starting from Wednesday, your relationships - especially those with bosses and colleagues - will become more difficult to manage and some blockages may arise at work. Fortunately, Venus will take care of it to cheer you up: starting from Sunday, in fact, the planet of love will smile back at you and you will be able to find serenity next to the person you love.

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