Weekly horoscope from October 29th to November 4th 2018: Lucky Libra in love!

Aries: good and bad news ...

Dear Aries, good news and bad news await you this week. The good thing is that, starting from Wednesday, Mercury will become favorable to your sign, giving you many successes and an intense social life. The bad thing is that, unfortunately, from the same date Venus will enter into opposition, starting a difficult period in terms of feelings ... Be careful especially if you frequent a sign prone to betrayal:

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Taurus: a sigh of relief!

Dear Toro, finally the suffering of the last month is about to end! Starting Wednesday, you can breathe a mega sigh of relief. Both the planet Venus and the planet Mercury will stop being in opposition to your sign and things, little by little, will be able to settle down, both on the sentimental and on the professional front. Friday and Saturday will be particularly lucky days and full of nice surprises.

Gemini: Venus takes care of it ...

Dear Gemini, this week, unfortunately, the planet Mercury will come into opposition to your sign. Starting from Wednesday, in fact, the consensus and success may not be so immediate. Pay particular attention to Friday. Luckily Venus will take care of cheering you up! Also from day 31, it will act in your favor and at least on the sentimental front there are interesting news ...

Cancer: don't waste time!

Dear Cancer, unfortunately this week, starting from Wednesday, the planet Venus will become unfavorable to your sign. If there is something you need to discuss with your partner, perhaps some outstanding issue, address it without hesitation on Mondays and Tuesdays, when a beautiful moon in conjunction will encourage dialogue. The first part of the week will also be favored on the working front.

Leo: great news!

Dear Leo, great news for your sign! After a rather difficult and stressful period, this week the calm returns on every front. Starting from Wednesday, in fact, both the planet Venus and the planet Mercury will return in favor: you can say goodbye to the quarrels with your him and to the work issues that lately seemed unsolvable to you! Wednesday and Thursday in particular will be two days to remember.

Virgo: all the fault of Mercury ...

Dear Virgo, unfortunately this week the planet Mercury will turn its back on you: starting from Wednesday, you will no longer be able to count on its support. Complications at work and family discussions are expected. The best days of the week will be those of Friday and Saturday, when a beautiful moon in conjunction will give you unexpected emotions. For the feelings, the days of Monday and Tuesday are also favored.

Libra: welcome, Venus!

Dear Libra, finally this week you will be able to welcome the entry of Venus in your sign! The planet of love is ready to give you a month of great emotions, bringing passion and feeling into your private life. Important news is also on the way from a professional point of view. Sunday will be a super lucky day, with the moon in your sign. It is truly a period kissed by the stars: take advantage of it and do not miss any opportunity!

Scorpio: the luck continues!

Dear Scorpio, you were the queen of the month of October, but now it's your turn to leave the throne. It will certainly not be an unfavorable week that comes, indeed! You will still be able to feel all the benefits gained in the last period. Particularly beautiful will be the days of Monday and Tuesday, while between Wednesday and Thursday something may not go exactly as you wished ... Recovery on the weekend.

Sagittarius: finally having fun!

Dear Sagittarius, the last period you suffered a bit of flat calm. Don't worry, finally this week there will be lots of emotions and lots of fun! Starting on Wednesday, the planet Venus will smile back at you, ready to give you a November full of passion. But it will be above all Mercury to favor you, entering your sign in conjunction: so many new knowledge, opportunities and news about work are on the way!

Capricorn: crooked moon ...

Dear Capricorn, your week begins with two really heavy days, those of Monday and Tuesday, in which a bad moon in opposition will make you feel rather down in the dumps. Unfortunately, then, starting from Wednesday, Venus will also get unfavorable to give you a hard time, generating tensions and misunderstandings in your life as a couple. Then focus everything on Saturday, which will be the most peaceful of the week.

Aquarius: what a recovery!

Dear Aquarius, finally this week you can breathe a good sigh of relief! From Wednesday, neither Venus nor Mercury will be more unfavorable to you. The last period has put you to a severe test both on a professional and sentimental level, but now the wheel is turning: a good recovery awaits you on every front! But expect a bit of nervousness on Wednesdays and Thursdays, due to the moon in opposition ...

Pisces: Mercury turns its back on you ...

Dear Pisces, this week, unfortunately, the planet Mercury - so far willing to support you, especially on the professional front - will turn its back on you. From Wednesday, there may be delays or inconveniences. Pay particular attention to the days of Friday and Saturday, when you will have to deal with a bad moon in opposition. Bet everything on the days of Monday and Tuesday, lucky also as regards the feelings.

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