Weekly horoscope from February 25 to March 3, 2019: Venus in Aquarius!

Aries: recovery in love!

Dear Aries, this week the planet Venus, starting on Friday, will return to your side! The relationship problems of the last period will finally find a solution. At work the luckiest days will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday, when you will have a beautiful moon on your side. The weekend, on the other hand, could be a bit nervous. Give yourself a little relaxation with your boyfriend: you have time to recover!

Taurus: tensions with your him ...

Dear Taurus, unfortunately starting on Friday, the planet Venus will turn its back on you. Tensions with the partner could arise over the weekend, due to different ways of seeing things. Dialogue will be the only possible solution! Pay particular attention to Sunday, when quarrels and discussions are expected. Better, however, in the workplace: on Thursday and Friday you could receive good news.

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Gemini: Mercury turns its back on you ...

Dear Gemini, this week - unfortunately - the planet Mercury will stop being favorable to you and you may encounter difficulties in the workplace and in relationships. Tuesdays and Wednesdays in particular will be two days in which everything will seem to go wrong ... Luckily you will be able to recover over the weekend, together with a special person! Take the opportunity to rest: here's how much you should sleep based on the zodiac sign:

Cancer: good news!

Dear Cancer, finally good news for your sign, so harassed in the last period! Starting on Friday, the planet Venus will stop being in opposition to your sign and you will finally be able to find some serenity in the sentimental sphere. Even from a business point of view, you can count on a nice favorable Mercury that will help you establish important contacts for your profession.

Leo: Venus opposite ...

Dear Leo, unfortunately this week, starting from Friday, the full Venus will enter into opposition to your sign: deep misunderstandings could arise with the partner which, in some cases, will lead to the breakup. Sunday in particular will be a day of great tension. Take this period of crisis as an opportunity to understand what you want from your relationship and what is the future you imagine with him.

Virgo: Mercury in opposition ...

Dear Virgo, unfortunately this week there is no great news for your sign: starting as early as Monday, the planet Mercury will enter into opposition. This means that in the coming weeks it will be more difficult for you to achieve the success and feedback you deserve in the field of work: obstacles may arise, especially possible on days with an unfavorable moon, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Libra: peace returns in love!

Dear Libra, finally starting from Friday the planet Venus will stop making you suffer in love and will begin to give you great satisfactions! If you are experiencing a difficult time with your partner, at the weekend everything will already be clearer and easier to manage. Sunday in particular will be a truly peaceful day, all in the name of romance! The first part of the week, on the contrary, will be a bit tense ...

Scorpio: a Sunday of tension ...

Dear Scorpio, the good news is that, starting from Monday, you will be able to count on an excellent favorable Mercury, which will give you success and new opportunities, especially in the workplace. The bad news, however, is that starting from Friday, the planet Venus will stop favoring you and will create problems and misunderstandings in your relationship ... Pay particular attention to Sunday, which will be quite tense.

Sagittarius: enjoy the magic of love!

Dear Sagittarius, this week will not be exciting for your sign from a business point of view: if you are waiting for an answer or a confirmation, it will hardly come in the short term, but certainly in the long term! In the meantime, however, you can enjoy all the magic of love and passion that will give you a splendid favorable Venus starting on Friday. Sunday will be the hottest day of the week by far.

Capricorn: bye bye, Venus!

Dear Capricorn, make the most of the last days of Venus in conjunction: starting from Friday, the planet of love will no longer be in your sign! Do not worry, however: the serenity and balance you have gained in your relationship in the last period will not abandon you for a long time. Meanwhile, at work, expect good news and great news. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be three super lucky days!

Aquarius: welcome, Venus!

Dear Aquarius, starting on Friday, the planet Venus will enter your sign: weeks ahead of love and passion! Venus will make you particularly irresistible and singles will make exciting encounters. Sunday in particular will be a truly unforgettable day, with the moon also in conjunction. Attention only to some possible unforeseen events on Monday ...

Pisces: welcome, Mercury!

Dear Pisces, Mercury enters your sign this week! Starting from Monday, this planet will help you achieve excellent results in the workplace, especially if you carry out a profession that brings you in contact with others. Monday, Thursday and Friday in particular will be very lucky days. As for feelings, however, focus on the first part of the week, when you will have Venus to foster the understanding with your partner.

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