Weekly horoscope from 23 to 29 July 2018: surprising week for fire signs!

Aries: fun and relaxation!

Dear Aries, your week is off to a great start, with two favorable moon days that will help you resolve any obstacles. Between Wednesday and Thursday, however, you may feel a bit of a bad mood, but don't be discouraged: a weekend of fun and relaxation awaits you! There will be interesting meetings and opportunities, especially in the workplace: for someone like you, who constantly needs stimuli, it will be a real party!

Taurus: how much passion!

Dear Taurus, with Venus on your side, love never stops marking your summer days! Passion overwhelms you: singles will find explosive loves or adventures, while couples will rediscover themselves more in love than ever ... Feelings will even be able to distract you from work, where some last-minute problems could arise. The best days of the week will be Wednesday and Thursday.

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Gemini: partner problems ...

Dear Gemini, unfortunately your week begins with a Monday and Tuesday of the moon in opposition: you will feel particularly nervous and down in the dumps, and the risk of arguing with your partner is very high. The disfavor of Venus makes it difficult in this period to understand each other within the couple. Bet everything then on the weekend, when a beautiful favorable moon will help you find an understanding. Take a look immediately if your partner belongs to a sign led to cheating ...

Cancer: you will be bewitching!

Dear Cancer, with Venus on your side, again this week you will turn the heads of a lot of boys ... If you are already in a couple, the risk is to unleash jealousies! The planet of love makes you particularly attractive and full of charm, but woe to those who put a spoke in the wheel on Wednesday and Thursday: with the moon in opposition, your tolerance level will be very low ...

Leone: many opportunities!

Dear Leo, there will be plenty of opportunities for your sign this week too! Mercury in conjunction guarantees you success in any business: you will have allies by your side capable of making everything easier for you, both in the office and in the family. Monday and Tuesday will be two days blessed with luck, while the weekend - with the moon in opposition - promises to be a bit heavy, with some more setbacks.

Virgo: so many emotions!

Dear Virgo, if you have recently met a person, do not be in a hurry and wait for the natural evolution of things: know, however, that the stories that arise in this period are kissed by the stars and destined to last! Even those who have been in a relationship for some time will share special moments with their partner, while singles could make important meetings, especially possible on lucky moon days: Wednesday and Thursday.

Libra: surrounded by love!

Dear Libra, except for the days of Tuesday and Wednesday when a nervous moon will make you feel rather out of sorts, this week promises to be full of news and good surprises. Favorable Mercury will surround you with people who appreciate you for who you are, and you will have a weekend filled with love and fun. At work everything is going well: good news is possible on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Scorpio: Venus favorable!

Dear Scorpio, favorable Venus lights up your summer days with passion, making you rediscover all the pleasure of the game of love and attraction. Wednesday and Thursday, in particular, will be two days full of emotions. On the weekend, however, an unfavorable moon risks making you feel a little down. Some inconvenience could arise in the workplace: the results or answers you are waiting for will be slow in coming ...

Sagittarius: moon in the sign!

Dear Sagittarius, on Monday and Tuesday the moon will stay in your sign and you will feel more charged and energetic than ever! It focuses everything on the workplace: with Mercury's favor, you will not miss opportunities and you can get an important advancement or recognition. In love, unfortunately, the disfavor of Venus continues, capable of putting even the most consolidated couples in crisis. Treat yourself to a nice weekend of passion and avoid discussions during the week.

Capricorn: towards success!

Dear Capricorn, this week two truly super days await you, those of Wednesday and Thursday, in which the moon will shine in your sign! The favor of Venus, then, will make you more charming than usual. Singles could make conquests… In the workplace, flat calm. If you are waiting for an answer or an opportunity, you will have to wait, but know that a good long-term success awaits you.

Aquarius: don't give up!

Dear Aquarius, you are one who likes to dream and fantasize about the thousand opportunities that the future offers. Yet, in this period, you feel particularly depressed and disheartened by the opposition of Mercury, which creates obstacles in your path and makes everything more confusing. Keep looking ahead and you will soon find the solution. Focus on the super-lucky moon days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when something good could happen ...

Pisces: heart problems ...

Dear Pisces, the time has come to face the problems, especially if for some time with the partner things seem not to work anymore: useless to postpone or pretend nothing has happened, better to face reality, even at the cost of getting to a breakup. Seek dialogue with your partner, if possible, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when you have the moon in your favor. Monday and Tuesday, however, will be particularly nervous days.

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