Weekly horoscope from 20 to 26 August 2018: heart problems for Aries!

Aries: couple quarrels ...

Dear Aries, in this period there is no way for you and your partner to be able to understand each other: you put all your good will into it, but it seems that communication difficulties are insurmountable! The days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be particularly hard from this point of view: it is better to postpone the discussions to the more peaceful ones on Friday and Saturday, when some unexpected good news could arrive ...

Taurus: Mercury unfavorable ...

Dear Taurus, Mercury's disfavor continues to make your working life rather heavy: if you are on vacation, you will begin to feel the problems of returning closer and closer. If, on the other hand, you are already at work, some obstacles could arise, especially on Friday. Your love life is progressing, but you would feel the need to move it a bit and experience new emotions ... focus on the lucky moon day on Sunday to break the routine!

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Gemini: great news!

Dear Gemini, your week begins with a nervous Monday, weighed down by an opposing moon that will make you feel a little down. You are not right: both Venus and Mercury are on your side and are ready to give you a lot of luck both on a sentimental and professional level. In fact, excellent news will arrive on Friday and Saturday. If you have been working on a project for some time, you will finally be able to see the results.

Cancer: heavy week ...

Dear Cancer, this is going to be a pretty tough week for you. You will have to deal with the moon in opposition in the three days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: things will not go as you had hoped and, especially in the sentimental field, difficulties could arise. The luckiest day will be Sunday instead. Be careful if you frequent a sign that leads to betrayal ... check immediately here:

Leo: step forward!

Dear Leo, again this week the sky gives you opportunities and luck in every area of ​​your life! Mercury in conjunction makes you more and more desired and in demand, while favorable Venus guarantees you a peaceful and satisfying life as a couple. May single women step forward without fear, the world is ready to bow to them! Pay attention only to the slightly nervous days of Friday and Saturday, when the moon is opposite.

Virgo: no paranoia!

Dear Virgin, in this rather serene end of August, an unfavorable moon on Monday and Sunday risks making you quite nervous and causing you to see problems even where there are none. If your relationship is solid and based on mutual trust and sincerity, you will have nothing to fear: face any perplexity by talking directly to your partner, perhaps on the days favored by the moon of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Libra: loves and opportunities!

Dear Libra, love smiles at you! With this beautiful Virgo in the sign, another week full of passion is coming for you. Friday and Saturday will be the most exciting days, in which you may receive some proposals or some unexpected news… A fortunate period also with regard to meetings and job opportunities. Attention only to a rather nervous moon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Scorpio: trust Jupiter!

Dear Scorpio, even if you seem not to make progress, you must not lose your self-esteem: the disfavor of Mercury has been creating obstacles in your path for a few weeks, but the planet Jupiter remains on your side, which guarantees success to long term. Be patient, then, especially on unfortunate moon days, those of Friday and Saturday. Instead, it focuses on the more serene ones on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Sagittarius: great!

Dear Sagittarius, the stars will give you a super week! Monday the moon will be in conjunction in your sign: it will be a very lucky day, in which good news could also arrive on the working front. Venus on your side helps you strengthen your relationship, taking you and your partner to a new level of affection and mutual understanding. The only day that is a bit nervous will be Sunday.

Capricorn: no anxiety!

Dear Capricorn, do not get anxious if your relationship seems to be not working during this period: unfavorable Venus, in fact, makes it difficult to communicate with your partner and understand each other, but someone like you - armed with patience - will be able to arrive at a solution. Bet everything on the super lucky days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when the moon will help you sort things out more easily.

Aquarius: week full of love!

Dear Aquarius, one more week full of love for your sign! The planet Venus continues to support you and give you great emotions. Friday and Saturday in particular will be two truly exceptional days, in which a splendid moon in conjunction will guarantee you a high rate of passion and romance! Unfortunately, Mercury's opposition remains to be dealt with, which makes it difficult to return from vacation and creates little big problems at work.

Pisces: what a romance!

Dear Pisces, in this period of recovery of energy, you can finally enjoy the newfound sentimental serenity next to someone really special. Sunday, with the moon in conjunction with your sign, will be decidedly romantic! The days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are also lucky. Instead, pay attention to Monday, when you might feel particularly nervous ...

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