Weekly horoscope from 2 to 8 April 2018: love sickness for the Scorpions!

Aries: don't give up!

Dear Aries, if on the one hand this week you may feel a little extra tiredness and stress, especially at the weekend, on the other hand you will be the first to realize that it is not really the case to stop or slow down, on the contrary! Mercury in the sign gives you one occasion after another and it would be a real shame to let them slip away. Particularly lucky will be the days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Taurus: opposite moon ...

Dear Toro, your week begins with two days of opposite moon, and your mood will be affected above all: do not be discouraged, as early as Wednesday the situation will return to more serene. You are super favored by Venus for everything related to feelings: love is booming and there will certainly be passion, even in couples who have been together for a long time. Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday.

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Gemini: long live Mercury!

Dear Gemini, with Mercury's favor this week, some good news and meetings await you that could prove useful in ways you still don't imagine ... but be careful not to give in to nervousness and stress on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, when the opposition from the moon could create some snags. Better on weekends, in the company of someone special ... Discover the best adjectives to describe your sign:

Cancer: nervous days ...

Dear Cancer, the opposition of Mars is starting to make itself felt: there will be different aspects of your professional life or in your relationships that will not be able to satisfy you enough and this will cause a bit of distrust and psycho-physical tension ... instead continue to believe in yourself and you will see that soon the situation will improve. Particularly at risk of nervousness will be the days of Saturday and Sunday: do not blame your partner!

Leo: partner problems ...

Dear Leone, unfortunately love continues to give you a hard time: if you end up arguing continuously with your partner over a trifle, it will be appropriate to start asking yourself some questions and questioning your feelings ... Good satisfactions arrive at work, possible especially in the central part of the week, when you will also have the moon to support you. Days not, however, those of Monday and Tuesday.

Virgo: luck in love!

Dear Virgo, Favorable Venus gives you a week of great strength when it comes to feelings. Those who have recently discussed with their partner will now be able to find a new peace and a beautiful balance. Even the passion will not be long in rekindling! Mars gives you great strength and energy to overcome any obstacle at work, especially possible in the central part of the week, when the moon will be in an unfavorable position.

Libra: problems at work ...

Dear Libra, with no more Venus in opposition, go back to living love in a more serene way. If you are fresh from a breakup, you will be able to find more time to devote to yourself and your well-being. At work, however, there continue to be clashes and difficulties: Mercury in opposition does not create a serene environment and you do not feel comfortable enough with bosses and colleagues. Bet everything on the lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday.

Scorpio: the moon takes care of it!

Dear Scorpio, your week starts very well, with two moon days in conjunction that give you luck and good mood! Just what it takes for your sign, which in this period is particularly down in the dumps for sentimental issues ... Venus in opposition makes dialogue with your partner difficult and understanding each other seems to be a challenge! Take advantage of the favorable moon weekend to spend quality time with him.

Sagittarius: so much satisfaction!

Dear Sagittarius, the greatest satisfactions this week will come from the "public" sphere, whether it's for work or simply for social life. You will be the most requested and surround yourself with people who can appreciate you for the amazing person you are. Beautiful and fortunate are the days of the moon in conjunction, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when you may receive unexpected good news or have a meeting of destiny ...

Capricorn: in recovery ...

Dear Capricorn, after leaving behind a rather exhausting month of March, you finally find some serenity, especially in the sentimental field. You will feel understood and supported by your partner, while singles will be able to make encounters that are destined to last. Do not get anxious if something does not go as you wish at work ... you will soon have your revenge! Bet everything on the super-lucky days of Saturday and Sunday.

Aquarius: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Aquarius, this week will not be particularly easy in terms of feelings ... Venus in an unfavorable position does not help your sign and brings arguments and misunderstandings with the partner. Better to speak clearly and address outstanding issues on lucky moon days: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. At work, however, everything is going well and you may receive unexpected rewards or recognition.

Pisces: what energy!

Dear Pisces, this week gives you great energy, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays and at the weekend, when the moon will be favorable. In love, Venus helps you to clarify issues with your partner and you will realize that he could really be the right one ... even at work, good news is coming. Mars helps you to react with determination to the unexpected that could arise in the central part of the week.

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