Weekly horoscope from 14 to 20 May 2018: Venus enters Cancer!

Aries: face problems!

Dear Aries, until Saturday you can count on a beautiful favorable Venus, willing to protect your relationship. From Saturday on, however, things will no longer be so simple ... so try to solve problems with your partner before that date, even at the cost of having discussions that you would prefer to avoid. The luckiest days of the week will be Wednesday and Thursday: bet everything on them! Check now if your he is among the signs most likely to cheat:

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Taurus: what beautiful stars!

Dear Toro, if lately you have been complaining about a certain coldness from your partner, get ready, because hot times are preparing! The entrance of Venus in the sign of Cancer on Saturday will bring much luck in love to Torelle like you, who really put their whole soul into a relationship. Excellent results also at work, thanks to Mercury recently entered into conjunction. Super lucky days: Monday and Tuesday.

Gemini: bye bye Venus!

Dear Gemini, make the most of this last week with Venus in conjunction: if you have met someone special, know that it could be the right one and in the next few weeks you will be able to find out ... Singles could have interesting encounters on the super lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will be in your sign. Interesting news and well-deserved awards arrive at work.

Cancer: long live love!

Dear Cancer, are you ready to start the season of love? For you it will begin on Saturday, when a beautiful and fiery Venus enters your sign: weeks of passion await you, in which even the most convinced singles could capitulate ... Those who are already in a couple could begin to discuss in this period of an important step. Super lucky days of the week: Friday and Saturday.

Leo: more loved than ever!

Dear Leone, without the support of Mercury anymore, this week at work there could be some small disputes with bosses and colleagues, especially possible on Mondays and Tuesdays, when the moon will be unfavorable. Venus continues to give you the support of an important person and, especially on the lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday, you will be able to feel more loved and desired than ever. Super day: Sunday, with the moon in the sign.

Virgo: the serene is back!

Dear Virgin, in this period you can no longer stand the constant discussions with your partner and the constant quarrels: don't worry, starting from Saturday it will be a whole different music! From the 19th, in fact, Venus will return to smile at you and if old couples manage to find serenity, singles will make more than one boy's head spin ... A bit nervous days will be those of Wednesday and Thursday. Definitely better on Friday and Saturday.

Libra: awards and discussions ...

Dear Libra, you have recently freed yourself from the opposition of Mercury and slowly things are starting to settle down: especially at work, you will notice a good improvement, and some good news could already arrive on Wednesday and Thursday. Instead, be careful not to get too nervous between Friday and Saturday ... Venus, from the 19th, assumes an unfavorable position for your sign and during the weekend discussions with your partner could arise.

Scorpio: luckily there is love ...

Dear Scorpio, starting from Saturday, Venus will return to smile at your sign and will begin a period of great sentimental serenity, but above all of great passion! And luckily there will be someone by your side to support you, because on the professional side you may encounter more than one obstacle, caused by the opposition of Mercury ... Pay particular attention to the days of Monday and Tuesday, when the moon will also be opposite to your sign. .

Sagittarius: good news!

Dear Sagittarius, great news is coming for your sign: starting from Saturday you will no longer have Venus in opposition! This means that your period of love pains is about to end and you will be able to regain your lost serenity, with your usual partner or starting over only from yourself. The days of Wednesday and Thursday will be particularly hard, when the moon will also be in opposition. If you can, postpone any discussion to the weekend.

Capricorn: Venus opposite ...

Dear Capricorn, unfortunately on Saturday the planet Venus will come into opposition to your sign. You will have to face some very delicate weeks, in which the confrontation with the partner will be constant and, if the couple is not strong enough, you could break up ... Fortunately on the working side you are in clear recovery: with Mercury finally on your side they are unlocked situations and opportunities you have been waiting for for a long time.

Aquarius: some difficulties to overcome ...

Dear Aquarius, this week you may have some more difficulties at work, due to the disfavor of Mercury which certainly does not facilitate your professional relationships. Particularly heavy are likely to be the days of Monday and Tuesday, when the moon will be in an unfavorable position. Wednesday and Thursday there will be a good recovery, however, and a lot of positive energy will come from your romantic relationship, favored by Venus until Saturday.

Pisces: love returns!

Dear Pisces, in the last period you have been suffering a lot for love, and you don't deserve it: you are one who never spares herself in her stories! Venus then decides to reward you and, starting on Saturday, it will give you all its positive influence to bring joy to your broken heart, giving serenity to couples and new encounters for singles. Yes days of the week: Friday and Saturday. Bad days: Wednesday and Thursday.

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