Weekly horoscope from 11 to 17 February 2019: Mars enters Taurus!

Aries: lots of energy!

Dear Aries, this week you will be full of energy and ready to give everything to achieve your goals. Mars in conjunction until Thursday and a nice favorable Mercury will give you important opportunities not to be missed. In particular, the days of Wednesday and Thursday will be very lucky. But be careful at the weekend: with the moon and Venus unfavorable, quarrels with partners are just around the corner ...

Taurus: welcome, Mars!

Dear Taurus, are you ready to greet the entry of Mars in your sign? In fact, starting from Thursday, this planet will give you all the strength and determination you need to achieve what you want. And if there are some obstacles to overcome at work (especially in the relationship with bosses and colleagues), in the sentimental field you will have great satisfaction! Favorable Venus, in fact, will give you great passion and strengthen your couple.

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Gemini: number one!

Dear Gemini, this is going to be a very lucky week for your sign! In fact, you can count on the favor of Mars and on that of Mercury, which will give you an extra gear: if you have to make some requests or launch yourself into a new project, it's the right time! The luckiest days will be those of Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will be in conjunction. Don't be afraid to dare and don't hold back: you'll be number one!

Cancer: relationship problems ...

Dear Cancer, even this week, unfortunately, Venus in opposition risks making you lose your temper: it will be difficult to get along with your partner. Try to understand if it is an internal problem in your couple or if it is the external circumstances and the difficult moment you are experiencing that accentuate the tensions! Fortunately, the moon will help you: bet everything on Friday and Saturday, when luck will be on your side!

Leo: nervous days ...

Dear Leo, with Mercury in opposition it is possible that in this period you will not be able to find suitable allies: you are not one who loves to entrust others, but trust your instincts and you will not be wrong! Monday and Tuesday will be two rather nervous days. Fortunately, you can count on a beautiful moon in conjunction on Sunday, which will be quite relaxing. Find out now how much you should sleep based on your zodiac sign:

Virgo: a great week!

Dear Virgo, this week begins well with a Monday and Tuesday with a favorable moon, in which some good news could arrive. Venus is on your side and gives serenity to your love life. Then, starting from Thursday, you will also be able to count on the favor of Mars, ready to give you all the strength and energy you need. The only negative note of the week will be a slightly nervous moon on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Libra: energy recovery!

Dear Libra, this week you can finally say goodbye to the opposition of Mars! Starting from Thursday, in fact, this planet will stop giving you a hard time and you will immediately feel more relaxed and serene, full of energy! In addition, between Wednesday and Thursday, you may receive some good news at work. In love, unfortunately, there will be tensions with the partner, especially possible at the weekend ...

Scorpio: Opposite Mars ...

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately this week the planet Mars will come into opposition to your sign: in the next period you may feel more tired than usual, without energy and with little desire to do. There will be obstacles, especially in the workplace, due to the disfavor of Mercury. The hardest days will be those of Monday and Tuesday, when the moon will also be in opposition. Better on the weekend!

Sagittarius: opposite moon ...

Dear Sagittarius, this week you will have to pay particular attention to the days of Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will be in opposition to your sign and things may not go as you planned ... Luckily you will have Mercury on your side, always ready to give you a way to go. 'exit. Interesting encounters will be favored on the weekend: eyes open, single girls, your time may come!

Capricorn: good news!

Dear Capricorn, love is booming and you are finally able to feel more serene and satisfied than ever in your life as a couple! And the good news does not end there: starting from Thursday, you will no longer have the unfavorable planet Mars and you can count on a great recovery of energy. You will immediately feel fitter! Pay attention only to the days of Friday and Saturday, when an opposite moon could play some bad tricks on you ...

Aquarius: changes coming ...

Dear Aquarius, in this period there is certainly no shortage of opportunities: changes are just around the corner and they don't scare you, on the contrary! An adventurer like you will know how to seize every opportunity. Even in love there is no shortage of interesting encounters, perhaps not destined to last, but which will surely know how to give you great emotions! Best days of the week: Wednesday and Thursday. No day, with the moon in opposition: Sunday.

Pisces: so much positivity!

Dear Pisces, a period of great serenity continues for you from the point of view of feelings. Furthermore, starting from Thursday, the planet Mars will act in your favor together with Venus, giving you a lot of energy and positivity. On Monday and Tuesday you can also count on the favor of the moon, ready to prepare you some nice surprises. Between Wednesday and Thursday, however, a small inconvenience may occur.

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