Weekly horoscope from 10 to 16 December 2018: Mercury in Sagittarius!

Aries: good news!

Dear Aries, good news this week for your sign: starting from Thursday, the planet Mercury will return to act in your favor! Expect some good news in the workplace soon. Sunday, then, will be a beautiful day as far as encounters and emotions are concerned. The only flaw of the week: Monday, which looks a bit heavy due to a moon in an unfavorable position.

Taurus: the serene is back!

Dear Toro, finally some good news! Starting from Thursday, you will no longer have the planet Mercury in opposition: you will finally be able to leave behind the difficulties of the last period and a situation that is particularly close to your heart can be unlocked. Attention instead on the sentimental front: opposite Venus could play a bad joke on you ... check immediately if your partner is led to betrayal:

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Gemini: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Gemini, unfortunately this week the planet Mercury will come into opposition to your sign ... Starting from Wednesday, you may encounter some more obstacles on your path, especially in the workplace. From this point of view, Thursday and Friday will be the heaviest days. Luckily the moon will take care of it to cheer you up on Sunday, which will give you some good emotions.

Cancer: a tough start ...

Dear Cancer, your week does not start in the best way: the moon in opposition on Monday makes you feel tired and stressed. Don't worry - it will get better the rest of the week. Lucky days, in particular, will be those of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the moon will shine in your favor. In those days meetings will also be favored: singles keep their eyes wide open and do not shut up at home!

Leo: moments of tension ...

Dear Leo, your week will have a rather tense first part, and then improve starting from Thursday, when Mercury will return to smile at you. Tuesdays and Wednesdays in particular will be two very busy days, in which you could experience moments of high tension both in the office and with your partner. So try to postpone discussions as much as possible until Thursday, when the general climate will be more serene.

Virgo: Venus takes care of it!

Dear Virgo, unfortunately this week the planet Mercury will turn its back on you: starting from Thursday, difficulties could arise at work and you could run into very heated discussions with bosses and colleagues. Furthermore, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the opposite moon will increase your mood. Fortunately, Venus takes care of cheering up your spirits, favoring your love life and giving you a lot of passion.

Libra: good news on the way!

Dear Libra, this week - starting from Thursday - you will be able to count on the favor of Mercury, ready to give you many beautiful news and endless surprises. Do not worry, then, if the week does not seem to start very well, with a rather low-key Monday ... a good recovery is waiting for you. Lucky days of the week: Tuesday and Wednesday. Not a day, with the moon in opposition: Sunday.

Scorpio: a lot of passion!

Dear Scorpio, take advantage of the conjunction of Mercury to get ahead, especially in the workplace: until Thursday, your projects and all your initiatives will be rewarded, after you may encounter some more difficulties. Love is also super favorite: Venus will give you really intense and passionate days, like those of Friday and Saturday. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, on the other hand, will be somewhat nervous days ...

Sagittarius: Mercury is coming!

Dear Sagittarius, great news is coming for your sign! Starting from Thursday, in fact, the planet Mercury will enter into conjunction, starting a truly fortunate period in terms of work and relationships. Pay attention, however, to the days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when an unfavorable moon risks making you more nervous than usual. Serene and lucky, however, on Sunday.

Capricorn: get off to a great start!

Dear Capricorn, your week starts off great, with a beautiful moon in conjunction that will give you a very special Monday! Favorable Venus brings a lot of serenity and understanding into your life as a couple, while Mercury - especially in the first part of the week - facilitates business. The only day that is a bit unfortunate will be Sunday, when an unfavorable moon could create some bad mood ...

Aquarius: tensions in love ...

Dear Aquarius, if on the sentimental front you continue to live a rather delicate moment, in which the tension with the partner seems to be skyrocketing, at least on the working one things are about to improve: starting from Thursday, Mercury will return to act in your favor. and will give you some good news soon. Lucky days of the week: Tuesday and Wednesday. Unlucky day: Monday.

Pisces: super moon!

Dear Pisces, unfortunately - starting from Thursday - you will no longer be able to count on Mercury's favor: in the coming weeks you will find yourself having to face some complications, especially at a work level. On the sentimental front, however, a period of idyll continues alongside a special person. Furthermore, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you can count on a super-moon in conjunction that will give you a lot of luck.

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