Weekly horoscope from 1st to 7th April 2019: Mercury in the sign of Taurus!

Aries: ready to win!

Dear Aries, the favor of Mars this week gives you an edge. You will be full of energy and grit, ready to face (and win) every battle. Thursday, Friday and Saturday the moon will shine in your sign: they will be three super-lucky days, in which you could receive good news or meet unexpected encounters. In love, be careful not to monopolize the relationship with your problems or someone may get tired!

Taurus: welcome, Mercury!

Dear Taurus, Mercury has officially entered your sign this week! A period of great luck and success awaits you, especially in the workplace. Confirmations you have been waiting for or new opportunities may come. Even in love it couldn't be better! Venus protects your relationship and Sunday will be all about romance. Beware only of an unfavorable moon on Monday.

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Gemini: with the favor of Mars!

Dear Gemini, Mars has recently entered your sign and this will allow you to feel stronger and more confident in your goals and choices. The disfavor of Venus this week could create tensions with the partner, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, on the other hand, will mark a good recovery: the moon will help you resolve a pending situation and facilitate dialogue.

Cancer: in recovery!

Dear Cancer, finally this week will begin a nice recovery for your sign. You will be able to count on both the favor of Venus and that of Mercury, which will guarantee a good recovery both in the workplace and in your relationship. The luckiest days of the week will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday, while between Thursday, Friday and Saturday, unfortunately, an unfavorable moon could cause you some small inconvenience.

Leo: Mars takes care of it!

Dear Leone, your week unfortunately begins with a rather heavy Monday, in which an ugly moon in opposition, combined with the disfavor of Mercury, risks making you lose your temper, especially at work ... try to resist! Favorable Mars will give you all the strength you need to fight and stand up for yourself. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be days of recovery, in which good news could arrive and you could experience unexpected emotions.

Virgo: heart problems ...

Dear Virgo, Venus in opposition is beginning to make itself felt. Dialogue with your partner will not be easy, especially in the very nervous days of Tuesday and Wednesday, when the moon will also be in the opposite position. Unfavorable Mars, for its part, will make you feel tired both physically and psychologically. Luckily you can count on good Mercury, ready to reserve you some nice surprises, especially at the weekend.Console yourself with a nice pizza:

Libra: getting better and better!

Dear Libra, finally this week you will no longer have Mercury in opposition: all problems related to work or administrative issues will be solved and you will more easily find the right allies you can count on. Favorable Mars gives you great strength, but be careful not to let negative people take it away, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the moon will be in opposition.

Scorpio: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately this week the planet Mercury has entered into opposition to your sign: in the next period everything will seem more complicated, starting with work issues. You will get the impression that a right one does not go away! Be patient, calmer times will soon arrive and these weeks will be just a distant memory. Focus everything on feelings: favorable Venus will guarantee you all the love you need.

Sagittarius: Opposite Mars ...

Dear Sagittarius, with Mars in opposition everything seems to be more difficult to achieve, even when it is not! Do not let yourself be discouraged by the sense of fatigue and defeat that has fallen upon you: always remember that this is your year and by autumn you will achieve great things! The disfavor of Venus brings quarrels and arguments in your life as a couple: pay particular attention to the nervous days of Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Better on the weekend.

Capricorn: big plans!

Dear Capricorn, finally Mercury is no longer unfavorable to your sign and the difficulties that have gripped you in the last period, especially in the field of work, will find a solution. Venus, in a favorable position, will make your life as a couple more harmonious than ever and some couples could make important speeches about the future ... Yes days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Days off: Thursday and Friday.

Aquarius: Monday with the moon in the sign!

Dear Aquarius, your week opens with a super-favorable moon in your sign, which - together with the favor of Mars - will give you a lot of grit and a lot of energy! Be careful, however, not to underestimate too much some issues concerning work ... Unfavorable Mercury could play some tricks on you and turn them into real problems to be solved. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be three days blessed with luck.

Pisces: great news!

Dear Pisces, Venus in your sign gives you great luck in love! Singles, in this period, could meet the right person to start an important relationship, while those who are already in a couple will discover in their partner the ideal partner. Excellent news also arriving at work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Just beware of the disfavor of Mars which will make you quite tired and make you feel under pressure.

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