April 2019 Horoscope: a month of love for Pisces!

Aries: a fabulous month!

Dear Aries, the month of April will be truly fabulous for your sign! Great news is coming, opportunities not to be missed and lots and lots of luck in love. The catch, you may be wondering? That there will be a while to wait: to be precise, until the 20th day. From 20 April, in fact, both the planet Venus and Mercury will enter your sign and the doors of success will open wide for you! Until that day you will risk feeling a little flat calm, but don't worry ... Know that great events are just preparing for the last ten days of the month that will not fail to surprise you. Favorable Mars guarantees you strength and health throughout the month.

Taurus - success in love and at work!

Dear Toro, are you ready to experience a very special month of April? The planet Mercury will be in your sign until day 20, giving you many opportunities for success and advancement. If you are struggling at work to get results or if you are waiting for a call or an answer you will see that it will come soon and it will not let you down! Even in love, April will be a very lucky month: Venus gives you its support until the 20th, reinforcing the stories already started and giving a nice propulsive boost to those recently born. Physical strength and energy will be guaranteed! Find out immediately which are the three best adjectives to describe your sign:

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Gemini: Mars in conjunction!

Dear Gemini, let's get started with the good news: the planet Mars will be in conjunction in your sign for the whole month. It means that you will be able to feel energetic, combative and in strength, full of determination and desire to do. This positive attitude of yours will be able to attract excellent results, especially in the field of work which, in general, in this 2019 will be full of challenges for you. Grit your teeth in the face of obstacles and keep believing them: starting from day 20 the first results will begin to arrive! In love, unfortunately, fights and quarrels are expected, at least for the first twenty days of the month ... Be careful not to make hasty decisions!

Cancer: You Will Make It!

Dear Cancer, your month of April couldn't start any better than this! Until day 20 you will have the planet Mercury on your side, which will help you get the opportunities you were waiting for. Don't let them slip away for fear of change or because you don't feel confident enough… you will certainly do it! Even from a sentimental point of view you will be very lucky: you will have at your side a person capable of understanding and supporting you, even when the going gets tough. Be careful, however, after day 20 not to unload all tension on the partner: the last ten days of the month promise to be rather tense.

Leo: a little respite ...

Dear Leone, finally the month of April will grant you some respite from a sentimental point of view. If your couple managed to resist the difficulties and the harmful influences of the opposition of Venus in March, now it will all be downhill! Of course the recovery will be slow and gradual, but from day 20 onwards the passion will flourish stronger than ever. If, on the other hand, the month of April finds you single, always from the 20th onwards you will be able to make some beautiful conquests ... Attention at work in the first part of the month, when you may encounter difficulties on your path. Favorable Mars will help you overcome them, making you tougher than ever!

Virgo: Venus opposite ...

Dear Virgo, the month of April will be quite hard for your sign from the point of view of feelings: unfortunately, until day 20, the planet Venus will be in opposition. Your couple could go through moments of crisis, even very strong ones, which could even lead you to decide to end your relationship. If you can resist and grit your teeth in the face of difficulties, in the last part of the month you will be able to find the serenity that seemed lost. Mars in an unfavorable position, unfortunately, will make you feel tired and stressed. Fortunately, Mercury takes care of helping you, surrounding you with friends and many interesting meeting opportunities.

Libra: face the problems!

Dear Libra, the month of April will be quite peaceful, especially in its first part. You will have the impression that everything is going well, you will be able to relax properly, with the risk of underestimating some problems on the horizon that could then all appear suddenly from day 20 onwards. From the 20th, in fact, both Venus and Mercury will enter into opposition and you may find yourself overwhelmed by problems from one day to the next, both at work and as a couple. My advice, then, is not to underestimate or ignore small issues, don't pretend they don't exist, but deal with them as soon as you get the chance! Favorable Mars will give you the strength you need.

Scorpio: Venus takes care of it!

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately the month of April - at least until day 20 - will be characterized for your sign by the opposition of Mercury. This planet will bring numerous obstacles in your path, especially on the labor front. If you are planning to embark on a new project or apply for a new job, wait until the end of the month, because now you may run into someone in a position of power who will row against you. Fortunately, love will take care to cheer you up: favorable Venus until day 20 will give you and your partner many beautiful emotions. Your relationship will be stronger and more alive than ever!

Sagittarius: heart problems ...

Dear Sagittarius, the month of April - or at least until day 20 - will unfortunately be characterized by the disfavor of Venus ... The planet of love will give you a hard time and could bring doubts and tensions in your relationship. Take advantage of this moment of crisis to focus on what you really want from your life as a couple and you will understand if the one you have by your side is really the right person for you. From day 20, serenity will return and you will be able to mend the threads of the relationship, if you understand that it is really worth it! Mars in opposition throughout the month will make you feel quite physically and psychologically tired.

Capricorn: leave nothing unfinished!

Dear Capricorn, the month of April is going to get off to a great start for your sign, but it won't end in the best way. So be careful not to leave anything pending: until day 20 the stars will help you overcome any problem, both on the sentimental and professional front, but after that date it could be more difficult. Love could turn out to be quite a quarrel in the last ten days of April: be careful not to keep everything inside, as you often do, but try to dialogue with your partner as much as possible. At work, however, do not waste any opportunity you come across in the first part of the month: it could be decisive!

Aquarius: wait for the end of the month ...

Dear Aquarius, the month of April is not going to start in the best way for your sign. Unfortunately Mercury will be in an unfavorable position until day 20 and you may see slowdowns in your professional life. If you're waiting for a response or promotion, it won't arrive before that date. The last ten days of the month, on the contrary, will be full of good news, and this also on the sentimental front! Favorable Venus will give you passion and complicity with your partner, while the planet Mars - on your side for the whole month - will support you without ever lacking strength, determination and energy.

Pisces: a month of love!

Dear Pisces, April for your sign will be the month of love! The arrival of spring will bring a splendid breath of passion into your life as a couple. Venus in conjunction until day 20 will give singles exciting encounters. Those who already have a relationship, on the other hand, will be able to strengthen it and make it grow. Also from the point of view of work, April will bring some good news, especially possible in the first part of the month. You could shake hands with someone who will prove important to your career in the future. The only flaw of the month: unfavorable Mars. Some small physical loss and a little more fatigue are expected.

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