April 2018 horoscope: love smiles on earth signs!

Aries: successes and fatigue ...

Dear Aries, the month of March for your sign was a month of great strength, and this April will not be outdone! Mercury will remain in your sign until May, guaranteeing you a sure success in all your initiatives. You will find yourself at the center of attention, especially in the workplace, where there will be opportunities and awards. You will reap the rewards of your work and you will finally see your efforts rewarded. This, however, will not spare you a bit of fatigue ... An unfavorable Mars, in fact, will make you feel a little short of energy at times, but you will still be successful in every challenge. Love will be favored especially in the last part of the month.

Taurus: long live Venus!

Dear Taurus, April will be the month of love for your sign! Until day 24, in fact, you will be able to count on the presence of Venus in your sign: the planet of feelings will give you great emotions, truly extraordinary encounters for singles and a very strong complicity with your partner if you are already engaged. The time has finally come to put yourself first and to smile again next to someone who knows how to give you the value and affection you deserve. Mars gives you great strength and makes you more combative and energetic than ever: every battle you wage will be successful, even if you will have to wait a little longer for a real breakthrough in the workplace ...

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Gemini: don't get distracted ...

Dear Gemini, on April 24 the planet of love will enter your sign and even the most convinced singles will be forced to capitulate! When Venus arrives, she cannot be said no. Until then, you will be able to enjoy a fair number of flirts and adventures as you like. Meanwhile at work everything will go great and there will be opportunities to meet new people and make your social life even more lively. April will be a month to live in the name of fun and your passions, two things that cannot exist unrelated to you! Be careful not to get too distracted, though: you may miss out on a wonderful opportunity that will hardly come back.

Cancer: Venus protects you ...

Dear Cancer, unfortunately the month of April will still see the opposition of Mars to your sign. It will be a tough month from a physical point of view: you will arrive in May rather tired and exhausted, with the need to recover energy. Give yourself some relaxation and time for yourself as soon as possible! Unfavorable Mercury creates problems especially in the workplace: if things don't go as you wish, try not to take it too personally, better times will come! Luckily there will be Venus to smile at you this month: the planet of love will be on your side and will protect you, putting a true guardian angel at your side, a special person you can always count on.

Leo: a month of fire!

Dear Leo, April will be a fire month for your sign, which will see you torn between rather demanding business issues and tensions in your private life. At work, things will go great: you will be busy, sure, but you will be able to achieve great results and assert yourself, especially if you play a leadership role: no one will dare to say no to you! In love, however, the situation will be more complex: unfavorable Venus magnifies the tensions with the partner and you could end up arguing for no real reason. Try to remain calm and clear-headed to prevent the situation from escalating and postpone the discussions, if possible, until after the 24th, when finally the planet of love will be back on your side.

Virgo: a clear month!

Dear Virgo, April will be a completely positive month for your sign, in which to recover strength, energy and serenity. Until the 24th, you can count on the support of Venus who will give your love story passion and sentiment. Singles could make important meetings, while those who are already in a couple will finally have the opportunity to clarify their feelings and understand if their love will last. If you have something to discuss with your partner, do it now and don't wait until the end of the month. Favorable Mars gives you an extra gear that will make you a real fighter, especially in the workplace, where you will be able to assert yourself and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Libra: treat yourself to some relaxation!

Dear Libra, the month of April, unfortunately, continues to test you. If in love you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, the situation at work will be more complicated and there will be issues that are difficult to manage ... Mercury in opposition generates tensions with bosses and colleagues. It is not the ideal time to undertake new projects and new businesses, but you should keep the results achieved. Unfavorable Mars risks making you feel more tired and stressed than ever ... focus everything on feelings and allow yourself, as soon as you can, small escapes with your partner: they will help you regenerate and put aside bad thoughts, waiting for a better May.

Scorpio: Venus opposite ...

Dear Scorpio, the month of April is not going to be easy for your sign when it comes to feelings. Unfortunately, Venus in opposition leaves no way out: if you are engaged, very strong discussions may occur with your partner which, if not managed properly, could lead you to break up. Singles are unlikely to meet the man of their life this month ... so be careful if you meet someone who fascinates you: all that glitters is not gold! Fortunately, on your side there will be the planet Mars, which will support you with all its strength, giving you an excellent ability to react and recover, as well as a lot of energy that will bring you, especially at work, recognition and good results.

Sagittarius: an important month!

Dear Sagittarius, April will be an important month in every area. On the sentimental level, you will have to make the most of it to fix things with your partner, clarify everything that is left open and shed light on your intentions for the future, before it's too late ... from day 24, in fact, Venus will enter into opposition to the your sign and in love - if you haven't made it clear enough - chaos could break out! So try to arrive prepared, or at least convinced of your feelings and what you want from your relationship. At work, however, Mercury will be on your side and will favor all your initiatives, giving you successes and news, even unexpected ones.

Capricorn: Mars in the sign!

Dear Capricorn, unfortunately this month of April continues a rather difficult period in terms of work: Mercury remains unfavorable until May, and this creates blocks that unfortunately do not make you progress or advance as you would like (and deserve)! Be patient and don't give up: your efforts will soon be rewarded. Mars in conjunction gives you all the strength you need and there won't be any more obstacles to make you give up! On more than one occasion, you will demonstrate all your grit and determination that characterizes you. Love, for its part, will go great: Venus assures you of the affection and devotion of a very special person.

Aquarius: heart problems ...

Dear Aquarius, the month of April promises to be a bit complicated for your sign from a sentimental point of view. Venus, in fact, will be unfavorable until day 24: the risk is to see the tension between you and your partner grow, especially if you continue to avoid certain problematic topics with him instead of taking them head on ... dialogue will be essential to overcome this period critic! On the other hand, excellent news is coming on the working side: Mercury favors meetings and new opportunities and your social life will be rich and full of surprises! You will launch yourself, as you love to do, in new businesses and find that enthusiasm that was hiding lately ...

Pisces: Venus on your side!

Dear Pesci, the month of April will be a month to be lived entirely in the name of feelings. Finally there will be a nice recovery in the love field for your sign. Venus helps you to clarify a situation that for a long time left you perplexed, full of doubts: now you can live your story without hesitation and recover that security that you lacked. Those who have been in a couple for a long time will experience really intense weeks together with their usual partner, finding an understanding that seemed lost ... At work you can count on an excellent Jupiter that helps you bring home important results, but also on Mars that it will give you all the strength and energy you need to never give up.

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