The horoscope of love and sex: the sexual affinities of the zodiac signs!

Scorpio charms Capricorn, Aries burns with passion with Leo, Pisces go out with Sagittarius .... Each zodiac sign has a very particular sexual profile, which leads him to experience sex in his own way. Ed even the sexual understanding between two partners is influenced by the stars ... Try reading the following and you will understand better what to expect from your sexual and romantic relationships, of an evening or of a lifetime!

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L "Aries in love

The sexual profile of the most instinctive sign of the zodiac
There are no ifs, there are no buts. Much less useless fuss.
The Aries has no half measures, it is pure instinct, it acts before thinking, it has love at first sight a day and never gets bored. In terms of sexual references, it is one of the most animalistic signs of the Zodiac.
Impatient and voracious, he moves to satisfy the primary instincts: eating is like having sex and vice versa, with the small inconvenience of those who do not know the word limit and who act before thinking.
Direct, outspoken, in terms of attraction he follows the calls of the lower abdomen, finding himself from bed to bed at times without knowing when and how it happened. The man of the sign is a Tarzan-Gladiator dedicated to casual sex, who moves between a gruff and unexpected impulses of pampering from a cat in a purring mood.
In terms of fire, the woman is no less, but as a woman she does not send you to say doubly: she, like the Aries Patti Pravo and the cheeky Lady Gaga, smokes males like cigarettes, she is an "amazon who makes read a "fighting arena. At the cost of being hurt, amidst jealousies and obsessions, but without losing her spirit of adventure.
Because pleasure is a challenge and those who do not jump into the fray are not a real Aries and in fast-food mode, even better. Get it dirty, enjoy it, fast.
Refrain from stomachs and weak spirits.

Yes signs: Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius
No signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
The magic move that conquers him: something red, the midnight spaghetti after doing it 4 times and then starting over
To avoid: the light off

The Bull in love

The sexual profile of the most generous sign of the zodiac
If they called it Taurus there will be a reason. Ruled by the planet of beauty and love, Venus, Taurus is the quintessence of terrestrial pleasures and senses, and it is no coincidence that the most sensitive part of the body to which it is connected is the throat.
A sign born to enjoy, but slowly and with all the art of which it is capable. If Aries is a voracious man ready to consume quickly, Taurus is a manual of love whose end is not perceived. And sometimes not even the beginning. The time it takes to decide the move to make is equal to how many times the Gemini goes around the world with his head (countless).
Taurus is matter and needs to touch, test and only afterwards, in case, give itself with all of itself. Because even for just one night, the amatory art of the Bull is of lasting substance, it is a Shakespeare sonnet praised while you skewer a roast chicken with potatoes together. From table to bed, the step is short, but given the slowness of any horizontal surface. it will be fine, as long as if it magna and if it enjoys.
One of the few signs capable of making more extreme sex something sentimental. Provided that his repetitive control needs do not interrupt the poem, for example with the difficult choice of the time to set the alarm the next morning or the logistical choice of where to copulate. iron barrel.
The lover that everyone dreams of at least for one night. Sweet and generous, the same is expected of others, both before and after sex. So you know that you will not escape with hours of kisses, bites and movie orgasms. Expect at least a jump in. pastry shop, both before and after.

Yes signs: Virgo, Cancer, Pisces
No signs: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo
The magic move that conquers him: a radio voice, a tray of Sicilian pasta, better if made with your hands
To avoid: haste

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The Gemini in love

The sexual profile of the most curious sign of the zodiac
Sex is to the brain of Gemini as Amatriciana is to the stomach of Taurus. But being a sign constantly in motion, especially mental, he will think about sex along with the thousand things that go through his head. Like everything else for Gemini. , sex is often the result of chance, of pure distraction, of fleeting glances between airports, elevator meetings and crowded parties in which she is bored to death.Sex is first of all curiosity, preferably with as many people as possible, as many as possible it is the personalities that take over in a Gemini. Satisfying such an iridescent being is not an easy task nor for everyone.
Because true enjoyment starts from the head. Often from a conversation, an orgasmic act in itself for not a few born of the sign. The word itself is meeting, pleasure and stimulation. There is no place farther from a Gemini than in bed: sex begins at the cinema, at the theater, at a concert, in places of meeting and cultural exchange. And since knowledge is an infinite terrain, the Gemini will never be sated. . He will fill you with questions. Provided you have something interesting to say. Because after all, his snobbishness, hidden very well by his affable and likeable way of doing things, will not be easily satisfied. He does not light his cigarette after coitus, but the radio plays a song and talks for hours. Passion is not at home, all the extreme tumults from stomach ache and wailing do not belong to the air signs.
There is lightness, enjoyment and often the stupor necessary to get distracted with nothing or with someone else just looking around. Unreliable? Come on, it's about sex, a way like any other to have fun and test the most important organ of all, the brain.

Yes signs: Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius
No signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
The magic move that conquers him: a surprise trip, a "strange famolo" and then we read the poems of the beat generation
Avoid: pronouncing the words "I love you"

Cancer in love

The sexual profile of the most romantic sign of the zodiac
The most sensitive sign of the Zodiac is also among the most sensual and attracted to the subject of sex. Basically he is a tender cuddly and in need of protection, one who, work permitting, would throw away the bedroom key and remain locked there for days and days, as long as you are in the company of someone who puts them at ease, a woman with an irrepressible femininity or a man capable of protection and safety.
The bond with the mother especially distinguishes the males of the sign, obsessed with the search for the mother in every poor victim. For this reason, between the sheets they will love a script that cannot be more traditional, far from the original perversions and unscheduled programs, a missionary will make his happiness without too many feelings of guilt.
Cancer women, tough at work and fragile privately, are feigning modesty. Once you cross the border of the Dolce Stil Novo, they will abandon themselves to every request dictated by their partner, devoted and generous to the last in order not to disappoint and feel appreciated. There is no sex without a little love for most Cancers and you can be sure that it was also for one night, they'll be capable of Italian comedy jealousy scenes. Sex has its meaning and everyone leaves a mark on Cancer's delicate heart. If you're not going to have a family or at least a story, don't even try it. An orgasm it could almost mean a promise of love.

Yes signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn
No signs: Gemini, Leo, Aries
The magic move that wins him over: savoir faire and reassurance as if it were the first time. You won't break his heart as soon as he has sex and for at least the next few hours
To avoid: aggression and sloppiness

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The Lion in love

The sexual profile of the most demanding sign of the zodiac
Sex for Leo is one of the tools with which to exert their power and test their enlightening and wonderful person. It is not Leo who has sex with others, it is the other signs of the Zodiac who are lucky enough to have sex with such a complete and magnanimous being. As a good fire sign and fixed, he is passionate by nature, absolute and incapable of half measures. Sex is an act of generosity that only gives to those who say it. Leo does not want anyone he can have. The bearer of an imposing ego, he demands a lot, but he is equally capable of giving without sparing himself.
Overwhelming like few others, the king and queen of the forest are daredevils with an always high appetite: the kamasutra manual is an elementary school subsidiary for the Leo who knows how to stuff sex beyond the simple act. From foreplay to context, everything must be perfect, whether it is the musical choice or the stucco ceiling, it will create the right atmosphere just like in a film, of which he or she, of course, are the undisputed protagonists.
They do not make a mystery of their voyeur nature, if you are a lover of privacy make sure that behind certain mirrors there is no "Big Brother" eye. Ruled by the Sun, planet of life who loves the spotlight, considers sex as an explosion of one's own image. , a terrain where both physical and spiritual superiority can be exercised.
Given the expectations, is there a risk that it will disappoint you? Don't even say it as a joke. There will always be time to improve. For you. Leoni and Leonesse are already perfect like this.

Yes signs: Leo, Gemini, Libra
No signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Aries
The magic move that wins him over: disproportionate flattery
To avoid: no criticism or questions about age

The Virgin in love

The sexual profile of the cerebral plus sign of the zodiac
Ruled by Mercury, planet of intelligence and speed, Virgo like Gemini experiences sex first of all using the brain. In a constant and tireless brain activity, you may have the impression that the heart, at times, has not reached Indeed many of the sign lovers are still wondering.
Virgo, in addition to being with Scorpio a sign that tends to be devoted to the single life, is also the one who experiences sex for what it is with the right emotional detachment, almost with a pornographic and lucid approach. "work commitment, sex is not a high priority.
Especially if Virgo hasn't accomplished the things she has set herself to do on her teacher list first. You will not take her suddenly. Nor will you convince her if she does not feel like it. If it is the evening of sewing or that of soccer, there is no way to lead her to carnal pleasures. On the appointed day, with the right notice, he will devote himself to the amatory arts as scheduled. How boring? At all.
Because the cynical Virgo is an unsuspected sex machine. Devout and intuitive, she is capable of brilliant perversions and satisfying scenarios without the slightest risk of feeling. your elbow, as long as everything is perfectly clean, sanitized and safe.

Yes signs: Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn
No signs: Gemini, Aquarius
The magic move that wins him over: to show satisfaction with his performance and a lot of irony
To avoid: the effusions of love

Libra in love

The sexual profile of the most hedonistic sign of the zodiac
The most beautiful and aesthetic sign of the Zodiac is a surprise on the subject of sex. Anything but easy, like the other double signs it has an ambivalent nature, capable of many contradictions with an incredible nonchalance. Ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty, Libra cannot help but consider life as a succession of moments in which pleasure, pleasure and more pleasure. Especially to others. In search of perfection and hedonism, there remains a profoundly moralistic and attentive to appearances sign. A dandy who elegantly acts as a monogamist, but who underneath flirts for the simple and legitimate taste to please the world.
More than sex and the physical act, Libra maintains an emotional detachment almost equal to that of Capricorns. Yet its nature is sentimental, kind and profoundly just: it offers what is offered, it feels enjoyment if the other feels enjoyment.
As in an unwritten agreement, he has the reputation of a great lover since his affable and seductive ways manage to put even the most burnt and distrustful hearts at ease. Impossible not to fall into his good graces. Although… is it really necessary to undress? Appearance for this sign is everything and clothes make the monk, even in bed.
Between the elegance of Venus and the rigor of Saturn in bed he will move like a Casanova or a Chanel princess, with all the perversions worthy of all erotic literature in his head. Expect everything. Tantra meditation included.

Yes signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus
No signs: Cancer, Pisces, Caprocorn
The magic move that wins him over: strawberries and champagne
To avoid: style drops (and white socks)

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Im love Scorpio

The sexual profile of the most fatal sign of the zodiac
Extremist, passionate and sexy. A glance is enough to understand that a Scorpio is a dangerous and sensual loose cannon. Yet the sign that governs sex par excellence is the closest and at the same time away from the subject. The responsibility of being born Scorpio leads those born of the sign to wear a mask of seducers and seductresses ready to do so in every minute of the day. Sex is indeed the obsession of every Scorpio, but also its Achilles heel.
Far from being linear and simple, Scorpio lives the sexual encounter in a complicated and obscure way. Because sex is never just sex. It is his own life, his personal expression of being in the world. Scorpio has sex especially away from bed, while talking, working, traveling, cooking. At the climax in which you find yourself entangled with such a disturbing being you will have the impression of having set foot in some dangerous and unknown place where nothing is as it seems. Where there is no turning back.
Scorpio is one who crosses boundaries, loves to go beyond, and sex is their testing ground. In a total, satisfying and profound way.Superficial goodbye, is the realm of film actors who exude desire and femme fatale skilled in portraying themselves on the most beautiful.
Scorpio enjoys playing with its prey, depriving itself of pleasure and lengthening the moment when it will finally enjoy. It resists that it is a marvel. Obsessed with the object of his desire, he pines endlessly. But when he gives, you will discover a tireless, unselfish and more affectionate lover than expected. But if you catch him in his retirement moment, get over it. Get him out of his training. ascetic-spiritual will be difficult, arm yourself with patience and expect an unforgettable return from the night.

Yes signs: Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus
No signs: Leo, Aquarius, Aries
The magic move that wins him over: doing it in unusual places. And a pinch of sadomasochistic
To avoid: boredom and repetitiveness

Sagittarius in love

The sexual profile of the most curious sign of the zodiac
Optimistic and confident of tomorrow, Sagittarius considers life a journey full of adventures and sex the most phantasmagoric of these. A fire sign, he is passionate and always on the move, with a constant physical need to satisfy. Sagittarius is pure energy and needs to express such an overload by moving and engaging in sports, travel and sex, at the very thought of which it lights up like a child left at the amusement park.
Sagittarius lives to have as many experiences as possible and never has enough sex: after all, they have five continents to explore, a multitude of races, cultures and languages ​​to try at least once for each of their lives and reincarnations. Men and women of the sign tend to be libertines, open, ready to try new things and always in search of constant excitement. Jupiter makes them generous and magnanimous, so the males of the sign go around distributing their semen with a benefactor smile, while the women gallop in search of a crazy night with a stranger, preferably from another country.
Although they are great idealists in terms of love, when it comes to sex they have no qualms: adventure is their vice, they jump from bed to bed with the same ease with which one plays a game of tennis.
Sex is a game born by chance, a conquest, a pastime between an expedition to Madagascar and the NYC marathon. It is not uncommon to find bold males boasting about their sexual exploits; direct and communicative, they shine with an "irony worthy of Sagittarius Woody Allen or Kim Basinger's exhibitionism in 9 and a half weeks. However, "Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. Yes is the answer'
(sex is not the answer, but the question. The answer is yes).

Yes signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Capricorn
No signs: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces
The magic move that conquers him: tomorrow we leave for an on the road in Australia
To avoid: the formality

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Capricorn in love

The sexual profile of the most ambitious sign of the zodiac
Cold, cynical and opportunistic? Capricorn is a sex dilemma. Apparently rational, concretely capable of making follies and insane gestures for love worthy of the more infamous Gemini. On the other hand, too much brain, as for Virgo, has the opposite effect: one ends up getting lost in the strangest and most uncontrolled passions. Saturn, the ruling planet, brings more duties than pleasures: sex will always come after personal and professional fulfillment. There is no way to tempt a busy Capricorn to work, if not later in life when its heaviness will give way to an almost unexpected opening.
Controlled in the office, unregulated in private life: living more than anything else inside himself, Capricorn releases his grip and manifests a passion that leaves those who have always believed him a cold sign all ambition and emotional hardness upset. Behind his armor hides hot ice, a fiery lover ready to amaze, and after a night of hard positions he is likely to bring you breakfast in bed as well.
Once he lets himself go, he will show his strength and all his character, indulging in daring experimentation that he does not like to talk about, rigorously in silence and with soft lighting. He conquers himself with ingenuity and spontaneity. A naïve touch could drive his framed and rigorous life crazy. One night stand? Not willingly. Time is money, and sex is also an investment for our Capricorn. Better if with the money back guarantee.

Yes signs: Scorpio, Virgo, Gemini
No signs: Leo, Libra, Aquarius
The magic move that conquers him: a soap and water face capable of a crazy gesture outside the box
To avoid: long faces

The "Aquarius in love

The sexual profile of the most libertine sign of the zodiac
The sign of free love, of friendship above all else, cannot but consider sex as the most legitimate and natural expression. Often living in the world of Utopias, Aquarius is far from the drama and jealousies of real love.
The he and she of the sign are beyond and are so evolved that it is probably to them that we owe the term thrombamic. Tolerance and openness above all, including orgy. Always looking for new experiences, especially mental, the Aquarius man is like a Don Giovanni by Mozart, a riot of genius and recklessness behind the air of a good boy. Women, usually committed and civil rights fighters in life, even in bed they dream in Yoko Ono style and then find themselves with non-chalance entangled in menage à trois worthy of the most transgressive Charlotte Rampling.
The quiet life is the enemy of every born of the sign and sex often becomes the field in which to exercise one's imagination and all the variations of reality.
Those interested in the original Aquarius would do better to postpone the "classic horizontal bed" or the missionary as much as possible, even if it is Sunday evening and fatigue is advancing.
Go ahead instead for fun, to go beyond conventions and no matter how much, even daring an unexpected gesture of tenderness could change a habit. Because as a good sign of air, for the Aquarius sex starts from the head and only who it is mentally free and able to find a compromise between intelligence and passion, he will be able to earn all his attention.

Yes signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
No signs: Virgo, Pisces
The magic move that wins him over: be emancipated but without aggression
To avoid: habit

Pisces in love

The sexual profile of the greediest sign of the zodiac
There is no sex without love, sang the Pisces Antonello Venditti and not by chance. Among the most sensitive and sentimental of the Zodiac, Pisces live in the constant search for Love. The ideal, passionate, very romantic and movie-worthy one. Forever is Pisces, but also one night and away. Because it will also be a weak heart, but the call of the lower parts cannot be controlled and sex, an integral part of love, is a world of surprises for Pisces.
Behind his fragile and poetic eyes, he is among the most transgressive that exist, preferably with a touch of perversion and fetishist variants worthy of an erotic film from the '70s. The inconstancy of the sign does not make them masters of fidelity, greedy for nature, both at the table and in bed, can't resist any temptation: you flirt and change partners for the sake of experimentation and to keep those butterflies alive in your stomach even if it's just about sex.
Devout and generous, both men and women let themselves be guided in every practice because a pinch of submission is among the secret pleasures of the sign willing to play more than the other signs of water, Cancer and Scorpio.
Pisces men are tender never grown up looking for protection and behind the naive air they appear even more sexy and sinful, perfect if you love to wake up with someone wrapped around like a teddy bear.
Same nature women of the sign with the added feminine power, endowed with eyelashes capable of stopping the world in a single beat: fragile and flirtatious, the more they are involved with the heart, the more they give their best in bed, despite the fact that they often fall victim to elusive and unbalanced relationships due to the torments after one night and on.
The ideal partners for those who have just escaped from a rational and impulsive sign, to keep away if you don't like fuss.

Yes signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo
No signs: Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius
The magic move that wins him over: a foot massage
To avoid: coldness

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