Horoscope 2019: how will the new year be for your sign?


Love: if the beginning of the year leaves you rather lukewarm from the point of view of feelings, dear Aries, do not despair and wait for spring: with the awakening of Nature, your passion will return to burn with arrogance, whether it is a story of old time or a new flame!

Work: 2019 will be a year of great confirmations from a professional point of view. If you can commit yourself without being distracting, but focusing your goals well, the planets will be ready to help you achieve them by the month of November!

Health: this year will ask you not to spare yourself from the point of view of energy and you may suffer, especially in the autumn period. Fortunately, expect a summer of great strength and relaxation. Find out immediately which is the most suitable anti-stress for your sign:

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Love: this will be an important year for you, dear Taurus, in which your life as a couple could have a decisive turning point and it is not excluded that some of you may get married or decide to go to live together. The stars favor important decisions!

Work: 2019 will be a year of recovery from a professional point of view. Finally you will no longer be blocked by the opposition of Jupiter and you will be able to obtain successes and awards, especially in spring and towards the end of the year.

Health: compared to 2018, this year you will be able to experience a clear recovery also from the point of view of health. From the middle of February you will feel new energies being born in you. A small decrease will only occur in the summer and at the end of the year. .


Love: 2019, dear Gemini, will put you to the test, and it won't be bad. Only the really strong and important stories will be able to withstand an astral framework that is not easy to bear, but if you and your partner can overcome the obstacles that arise, it means that it will be forever!

Work: unfortunately in 2019 you will find yourself having to face the opposition of Jupiter, which will bring some difficulty in the professional field. Do not be discouraged, be determined and you will be able to transform obstacles into real opportunities!

Health: This is sure to be a tiring year for your sign, and this could impact your health. Pay particular attention to the period from the end of August to October, when unfavorable Mars could worsen the situation.


Love: your 2019, dear Cancer, unfortunately will be characterized by the "opposition of Saturn. Do not be afraid: this planet makes everything more difficult, but it always brings profound changes, which are never negative. Your relationship will experience moments of uncertainty: take advantage of them to understand what is best for yourself.

Work: the opposition of Saturn, unfortunately, will also be felt in the workplace. This will hardly be the year of turning points: you should try to keep your current situation as solid as possible rather than launch yourself into new businesses.

Health: you will experience many ups and downs this year, mainly due to moments of stress. Pay particular attention to the autumn period, which will be rather tiring. A lot of energy, however, in the months of May and June.


Love: dear Leo, this will be a great year for your sign from the point of view of feelings! You may finally meet the partner you've been waiting for to build something solid and lasting. The month of August in particular will have a high rate of romance ...

Work: great successes await you this year! The favor of Jupiter will bring you confirmations, promotions and new opportunities. By the end of November you will have reached a professional goal that is truly important to you and your sacrifices will be rewarded.

Health: great strength and energy will accompany your sign in this 2019. July and August in particular will be months of great psycho-physical well-being. A decline could only occur from mid-November onwards.


Love: 2019, dear Virgo, will ask you for a little more effort from a sentimental point of view. You will have a tendency to pour into your life as a couple the tensions that will come from the working front: put aside your rationality and learn to abandon yourself to feeling!

Work: Jupiter in an unfavorable position will create some more tension in the professional field. The results may be late in coming and you may experience moments of despair. Hold on: from December the situation will change radically and you will have your revenge!

Health: the ups and downs and tensions of this year risk creating stress and related psycho-physical problems. The period in which you will be most vulnerable will be spring, and in particular the month of April and the first half of May.


Love: dear Libra, 2019 will put you in front of a mirror, and you will be called to ask yourself: do I really like what I'm seeing? And "what do I want for me? The answer will not come immediately", but it will take a few months to arrive at an answer, then don't be afraid to close a few doors. Others will open!

Work: if on the one hand you can count on Jupiter's favor, on the other you will have Saturn in an unfavorable position to row against you. Long-term results will come, but even in this case you will have to make choices and sacrifice something.

Health: the year does not begin in the best way for your sign. Until mid-February you will have to endure the opposition of Mars, which will make you feel tired and already in tone. Fortunately, spring will bring with it a nice awakening ...


Love: dear Scorpion, this year love could reserve you some nice surprises: you will have the opportunity to build an important story and, if you have already been in a couple for some time, you may decide to take your relationship to a new level. next. It will be autumn above all to warm your heart ...

Work: you have Saturn on your side and Jupiter in a neutral position: this year it will be possible for you to make some good progress in your career, but some changes will be necessary, whether it is to accept a new job, a transfer or some other break in your career. your routine. You will not regret it!

Health: 2019 promises not to be easy for you: the ups and downs that will accompany you can bring you psycho-physical declines, especially possible between mid-February and April, when you will have Mars in opposition.


Love: dear Sagittarius, the key word of your 2019 must be: courage! Don't back down and accept every challenge, even from a sentimental point of view. The planets are on your side and will help you fulfill your dream of love if only you don't panic and hold back!

Work: the same goes for the work front: Jupiter in conjunction gives you the opportunity to fulfill yourself in the best way and to achieve full success. Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone and this could be the year of change! For the better, of course.

Health: strength and energy will accompany you in such an important year for you. The months of January and those of July and August will be the best from the point of view of health, while the month of April promises to be the heaviest of 2019.


Love: dear Capricorn, this 2019 could really prove to be the year of turning points for your sign! Love, if it is not already there, is ready to arrive: the month of February is expected to be a high rate of romance! Many couples they could make important decisions.Favorite marriages and cohabitation.

Work: for the whole year Saturn will be at your service: this planet acts slowly, but brings profound transformations. If you are not afraid to step forward, success will come. Starting from December, then, you will also have Jupiter in conjunction: it promises to be truly an unparalleled success!

Health: the year does not start very well due to the unfavorable position of Mars, but you will experience a good recovery from the middle of February. Some psycho-physical problems could arise between May and June.


Love: dear Aquarius, the period from here to the end of March will be very important for you and will help you to clarify your feelings. A good story could be born before the summer, while a small crisis is expected in August ...

Job: Favorable Jupiter until December ensures you all the opportunities you need to succeed and achieve your goals. In return, it only asks you for a little more concreteness and organizational skills. Your dreams can come true!

Health: you will not lack energy this year! January and April in particular will be months of great strength from a psycho-physical point of view. A decline, on the other hand, is expected in July and in the first half of August. as much as possible to relax!


Love: the new year, dear Pisces, will not start in the best way from the point of view of feelings. The quarrels and tensions with the partner, unfortunately, will decrease only from the month of February, but the real idyll will not arrive before the month of April.

Work: unfortunately until the month of December you will have to endure the unfavorable position of Jupiter, which will put some obstacles in your path. Fortunately, you can count on Saturn's support, which ensures you positive changes and important long-term goals.

Health: Problems related to love and profession are likely to affect your health, since you are a particularly sensitive person. The period most at risk, from this point of view, will be the one between the second half of August and the month of October. Be careful not to neglect yourself!

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