The watches loved by the stars in a low cost version: get them online!

We often stop to look at the looks of our favorite stars, and we often look at them to draw inspiration and reinterpret their choices in our own way. But how many times have we missed that special touch? The watch is exactly this: that accessory that gives our outfits an extra note of taste. Let us be inspired by the stars, but let's buy one that is perfect for us and for our pockets! Here are our proposals.

Emma Brown's skinny and gold women's watch!

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In this beautiful Instagram shot, Emma wears a super skin watch in gold, with a thin strap. A versatile, youthful and full of energy watch. Emma's is a Swatch and costs around € 175 but we offer you some nice alternatives!

Super low cost alternative: a really cheap skinny gold Curren!


It looks a lot like the Italian singer's watch, but the connection between the dial and the strap is slightly different, as is the arrangement of the hands in the dial itself. Also available with white dial on Amazon.

Pros: it has a very low cost for those who want to try the versatility of the gold-colored watch.
Cons: Given the cost, the shelf life of the product may not be the best.

Buy it on Amazon for € 24.91

Low cost alternative: a super cool skinny gold Liu Jo!


Liu Jo's version of the gold-colored skinny watch that Emma Marrone wears represents a very feminine and graceful alternative, with dial details that make it even more original.

Pros: it is a beautiful product, very versatile, of medium quality and a brand with certain guarantees.
Cons: the price is average, not extremely cheap.

Buy it on Amazon for € 68.99

The unisex watch by Giulia De Lellis

The unisex watch sported by Giulia De Lellis in this very sensual shot perfectly represents a trend of 2018: the mix of styles, the super feminine one with the masculine one. a touch of originality to a super sexy look! Here are our alternatives!

Super low cost alternative: a Casio for women with a masculine cut


The Casio is the perfect alternative to a high quality watch: elegant but perfect for any look, from the most sporty to the casual chic ones. You can combine it with jeans and a T-shirt but also with a mini dress in pastel colors like Giulia does.

Pro: it looks a lot like that of De Lellis but has a super affordable price!
Cons: it is very bought, therefore also already seen.

Buy it on Amazon for € 33.49

Low cost alternative: an Invicta with an imposing dial


The Invicta unisex watch is the perfect mix of refined and practical looks. In steel with a dark dial, it looks very impressive on the smallest wrists.

Pros: It has a great price, considering the quality of the watch.
Cons: it has a 37 mm dial, so it's nice big.

Buy it on Amazon at € 109.06

The Benedetta Parodi watch with a rectangular dial!

While proudly displaying her book, Benedetta Parodi is sporting a very elegant watch with a rectangular dial and leather strap. Refined, versatile, perfect to combine with a casual chic outfit. She combines it with a blazer over a white t-shirt and jeans, but it would also be perfect with a mini dress with softer fabrics! We do not know the brand of this watch, but we offer you some very nice versions to buy online!


Super low cost alternative: a very affordable Sekonda

Sekonda's version of Benedetta Parodi's rectangular dial and leather strap watch is slightly more rounded than the one in the photo, but just as chic and graceful.

Pro: at this price it is a "really bargain opportunity!"
Cons: the dimensions are quite small, the diameter of the dial case is 22 mm.

Buy it on Amazon for € 12.52

Less low-cost alternative but of great impact: a Seiko with a gold-colored dial


This Seiko watch recalls that of Parodi for its final result, but it differs in the color of the dial which instead of being in silver is in gold.

Pros: It has a slightly vintage flavor and definitely has class!
Cons: it costs more than 100 euros, which is not cheap, but still at a great price for the type of watch!

Buy it on Amazon for € 150.69

The white clock of Caterina Balivo

Caterina Balivo shows off in this photo a white watch exalting its qualities very well: it is youthful, chic, but also fun and fresh. She wears it with a very casual summer look, but it is also perfect with a winter total black, highlighting its brightness. Here is our version!

Super low cost alternative: a Hip Hop in white silicone


It doesn't get cheaper than that: a silicone watch par excellence, Hip Hop has always communicated freshness and versatility. And let's not forget the interchangeable straps, like this total black available on Amazon.

Pros: It's a simple watch that goes with everything!
Cons: The white silicone strap gets dirty easily.

Buy it on Amazon for € 24.99

Low cost alternative: a Timex with a super original dial!


This Timex watch retains the elegant essence of the white watch and revives it with a truly original dial: hands and time marks in different colors give this accessory a truly creative tone!

Pros: it does not go unnoticed, it gives the whole look a super cool tone!
Cons: Not everyone likes the shiny strap!

Buy on Amazon for € 40 <

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