Female orgasm is much more common between two women

Being able to reach orgasm is a mirage for many women. Orgasm and female pleasure are told of all colors and whoever manages to climb the heights of pleasure knows that the view from there is different but that the possibility of climbing the mountain is never taken for granted. In fact, often in couple, even if maximum pleasure is reached, it is not certain that this is a constant of sexual intercourse and women are almost ashamed of demanding their big O. But here's what a research of three institutes has discovered, namely Chapman University, Indiana University and Kinsey Institute. Meanwhile, we advise you to read up on the subject with this video, watch:

The results of the research on orgasm

Researchers from Chapman University, Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute used over 52,000 candidates of different sexes and sexual orientations to examine how orgasm frequency varies. Men of any sexual orientation are satisfied with their orgasm in 95% of cases. There is a big gap between them and women: heterosexual women in fact reach orgasm during intercourse only in 65% of cases. Surprisingly, however, in the case of lesbian women we have the achievement of orgasm in 88% of cases.

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Because there is a lower incidence of female orgasms in heterosexual couples

In heterosexual relationships very often the man reaches orgasm before the woman and this has at least two consequences: the first is that it happens that once finished, the man does not delight in having his partner finish too; the second is that her woman would need the "man" to last longer to achieve pleasure too, and in the absence of the right duration, the man would then need to concentrate on finishing the work he started with manual stimulation, oral sex and all the rest.
So how do you explain that between two women each one manages on average to reach about 55 orgasms in a month? First of all, every woman wants her partner to enjoy the same and therefore is committed to this. Then oral sex, sex toys and multiple orgasms do the rest.
In conclusion, it would just take more attention, determination and a bit less selfishness ... you demand girls, you demand!
And if you are curious and want to experiment, take this test first!

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