Female orgasm: secrets, positions and curiosities that you cannot miss!

One of the errors that over time has "damaged" female sexuality, as well as her own safety in terms of sex, is the belief that the equivalent of the penis in women is the vagina, since it is the "container" of the phallus, and that, as men reach orgasm through vaginal penetration, women also "must" reach orgasm this way. Nothing could be more false!
However, this misconception has made many women concerned about their ability to orgasm and dissatisfied with the quality of their sexual intercourse. Imagine that 7 out of 10 women declare that they have never reached orgasm. Can you imagine? The truth is this little problem of understanding is easily circumvented and, if you are wondering how, we will give you the answer: with awareness, with the knowledge of how much and how a woman's body can give the best of itself and reach heights of pleasure. The most experienced, for example, go directly to the attack with these 5 simple positions:

But if you want to start from the basics, here are some details about the female orgasm that you absolutely cannot miss!

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What is the female orgasm?

The female orgasm represents the achievement of the peak of a woman's pleasure, and can occur in several circumstances including: sexual intercourse, masturbation, cunnilingus, rubbing the clitoris or the simple stimulation of erogenous zones. From a physical point of view, orgasm is expressed in a series of intense spasms and contractions of the perianal and pubococcygeal muscles, lasting a few seconds, which maximize arousal and, in the immediately following phase, involve total physical relaxation and mental. The mental aspect, in fact, is fundamental for the achievement of the female orgasm, which manifests itself more easily when the excitement passes both from the physical and from the thoughts.

The clitoris is the organ of female pleasure par excellence since it is precisely in this point that many nerve endings are concentrated. A woman's orgasm is generated, almost in all its manifestations, by rubbing the clitoris, but it can also manifest itself thanks to to vaginal and G-spot stimulation.

Unlike men who have longer shooting times, women can have multiple orgasms, which are achieved even over short distances. There are also completely anorgasmic women.

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But what is anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia can affect both men and women, and is the inability to reach an orgasm during a sexual act. It can be of two types: primary anorgasmia if the orgasm has never appeared since the first sexual intercourse; secondary anorgasmia if it occurs later. It can be generalized, if it is always present, or situational if it depends on a specific moment. Anorgasmia can depend on physical, physiological factors, such as the intake of psychotropic substances, or psychological. There are people who cannot reach orgasm with penetration but still succeed with autoeroticism or other sexual acts. "important, as in any sphere of sexuality, is to learn about your body and open yourself to pleasures.

What is the difference between arousal and desire?

Sexual desire is a feeling, an "emotion. It develops in the brain. Arousal, on the other hand, is the" physical effect that sexual desire produces on the body. It is "the realization of desire.
In man the sign of arousal is erection while female arousal has lubrication as its manifestation. Desire naturally precedes arousal and triggers it.
When the connection between the two phenomena is not correct, it is possible to feel desire without turning it into arousal. Furthermore, female arousal may not lead to lubrication, for hormonal or even psychological reasons.

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How to prepare for orgasm: foreplay

To achieve the female orgasm, foreplay is very important. These warm the body, stimulate desire, activate the brain, set the hormones in motion, provoke arousal. You can start from passionate kisses, which slowly deepen, to caresses. , to cunnilingus which is an excellent ally for orgasm. If you are alone, on the other hand, you can caress your body, get down on your breasts, brush your hips, the inner thigh and then go down to the clitoris before moving on to real masturbation, even with sex toys. In general, play with its erogenous zones it represents the best way to prepare for orgasm.
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What are the erogenous zones of a woman and where is the G-spot

There are many areas capable of producing pleasure in a woman: lobes, neck, décolleté, breasts, hips, inner thighs, ankles and so on and so forth. In particular, when we are excited, the whole area between the labia minora acquires a high sensitivity, turning into an important erogenous zone. The degree of vaginal sensitivity is not the same for all, but in general we can say that the first part of the vagina, the one closest to the entrance, is considered the most excitable because it has many nerve endings, including the G point. pubic bone in the front of the vagina about 3-5 cm from the opening, if stimulated it can induce orgasm. Instead, in the upper part of the vagina there is another very innervated area: the cervix or neck of the uterus, whose stimulation can be pleasant. Furthermore, let's not forget the perineum and the anus: forbidden and unknown territories, but very exciting for women that can lead to different types of orgasm.

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Types of female orgasm: clitoral or vaginal?

The woman can have two types of orgasm: the clitoral one, due to the rubbing of the clitoris, and the vaginal one, reachable thanks to penetration.

The clitoral orgasm
The most frequent orgasm is the clitoral one and occurs following the direct stimulation of this tiny organ that produces great pleasure. You can have a clitoral orgasm in several circumstances: with simple caresses, with cunnilingus, with masturbation, with rubbing. Many women say they have achieved only this type of orgasm in their life (however very powerful). The clitoral orgasm still involves the contraction of the vaginal muscles, as happens for the vaginal orgasm.

The vaginal orgasm
This type of orgasm, on the other hand, is less frequent and is achieved with the penetration of the vagina. Only a minority of women are able to reach orgasm through penetration alone, and it is not always easy to distinguish between the two, since penetration often also involves rubbing the clitoris. The vaginal orgasm, in principle, is deeper and more intense than the clitoral one, which is more explosive and faster.

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Female ejaculation (or squirting) close to orgasm

Some women have a form of ejaculation that occurs just before or during orgasm. Alkaline fluids are expelled from the paraurethral ducts through female ejaculation. These ducts are found inside the vagina, on either side of the urethra, and connect directly to the fluid-producing Skené glands. Since long ago it was agreed that female ejaculation was connected to incontinence problems, which is not true, women have always had problems talking about it. There are not many women who manage to ejaculate, nor are there any big data about it, but this percentage also depends on the fact that embarrassment pushes women not to discuss it with anyone. Incredible, right? It seems to us that men don't have much trouble talking about theirs.

Mental arousal is important but it is not enough

Being emotionally involved is important, but that's not all. No matter how long the relationship lasts or how intense it is, if the man does not touch the right points we will never experience orgasm. But our partner does not know how to read our minds, so it is essential to be open and honest with him and express our needs, overcoming fear, shame and guilt. We must abandon the passive role that has always been entrusted to us and practice active coitus, this means going in search with the partner of the positions that stimulate our pleasure areas of pleasure. It is a big mistake to "pretend" for a long time, neglect or even completely renounce our sexual pleasure, because if we feel pleasure we will have desire, and if we have desire we will be motivated to have frequent intercourse with our man and this will undoubtedly be a cure-all for the couple life!

Positions to achieve female orgasm

The sexual positions that allow us to reach orgasm, for the most part, are those that involve rubbing the clitoris. It will be up to you to decide which one is perfect for you. Many women are able to reach orgasm with the missionary position, wrapping their legs around their partner; or others like to be on top, so that they can decide the intensity and type of movement based on their body's reactions. For lesbian sex, scissors or rodeo are positions in which the clitoris is king.

Here are some tips for you to take action and find out which of these positions is perfect for your orgasm!

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