Take care of copper objects

Traditional techniques

- For a simple one daily cleaning it is sufficient to use a little detergent diluted in very hot water.

- Periodically scrub your items with a lemon cut in half. If they have any incisions, brush them with lemon juice. Then rinse the object under the tap.

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- For restore brilliance to copper utensils, rub them with a mixture of flour, vinegar and coarse salt, then rinse and dry them with a soft cloth.

- If yours items are old or very dirty, dip them in a liter of boiling vinegar in which you have dissolved two tablespoons of coarse salt. Let it cool down, rinse each object well and refine the details with a specific detergent.

- For clean the golden copper, use a soft brush and soapy water. After washing the object, rinse and polish it with a soft, clean cloth.

- For polish copper objects, rub them with a crumpled newspaper.

Good to know:

> The treatment to be used for a copper object certainly depends on its degree of dirt and oxidation but must also take into account its delicacy (decorated or kitchen objects).

> If you see that your pot shows traces of oxidation (greenish patina), do not use it for cooking anymore! More generally, use copper pots only if they are lined with tin inside.

> If you want to gild, polish or restore a badly damaged or dented object, contact a specialist.

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