I hate my body...

Because you hate your body

In most cases, it is during adolescence that you become aware of your body and that complexes are born. Years later, the rejection of one's body remains rooted in the unconscious and can come back to the surface or even never disappear. Too fat or too thin, some comments from your parents or some harsh words subconsciously resonate in your mind. Even today, most adolescents have a distorted view of their body and, in the worst cases, they can suffer from dysmorphophobia (refusal of their physical appearance). The tendency to reject one's body, typical of women, is accentuated in moments of crisis (mourning, separation ...).

The body in the media

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In everyday life, no one can escape the imperatives of fashion and the images of newspapers, which require to be beautiful and seductive on every occasion. These images make you question your body: hips, belly, thighs, breasts, buttocks ... but it is a matter of personal acceptance. These complexes particularly affect women who cannot accept their differences from the models proposed by newspapers and TV.

The obsession with one's physical appearance

When you focus on one aspect you don't love about your body, you see nothing but that! You convince yourself that everyone notices it immediately and you even end up thinking that others make fun of your "flaws" behind your back. Your "crooked nose" or your "butt" become a real obsession, to be recognized and fought!

The imperfections that haunt your mind are only the result of the distance between the idealized image of yourself and your image reflected in the mirror and do not even deserve to be taken into consideration!

A lack of self-esteem

Rejection of one's body is a symptom of low self-esteem. You are in the presence of a more or less unconscious discomfort that results in a disgust of your body and / or of an anatomical part. You need to regain confidence in yourself and stop focusing on your body! The more you pay attention to these "flaws", the more huge they will seem. Relativize: even supermodels believe they have eye-catching imperfections!

Taking your distance and appreciating your differences are indispensable conditions for feeling better in the soul and therefore in the body.

Give your body a second chance

-Stop analyzing every corner of your body in front of the mirror!

- Surround yourself with open people and tolerant, dialogue, you will gain confidence in yourself!

- Accept yourself as you are and repeat that you are beautiful too. By dint of insisting, you will be convinced and you will not be able to stop!

- Treat yourself to some whim: a sauna session, a massage oil that leaves the skin smooth and velvety ...

- Choose the right wardrobe: following fashion is good, but only if it adapts to your morphology and if it makes you feel at ease.

- Listen to your body: get enough sleep, eat in a balanced way (white meat, fish, cereals, fresh vegetables, fruit ...) without depriving yourself of some sweets from time to time. You have to avoid deprivation and frustration.

- Do you practice any sport: nothing better to reconcile body and mind. You unload, do not think about anything and at the same time tighten the body and slim the figure!

Still doubts?

Complexes come from the mind. If despite our advice you really can't feel good in your body, contact a cognitive and behavioral therapy specialist who will help you change your attitude.

Cosmetic surgery can also be a solution, but not even the best surgeon in the world can help you if your problem has psychological origins.

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