5 unmissable versions of Barbie for all her fans!

Barbara Millicent Roberts, better known as Barbie, is still the most famous doll in the world today.
Her fans are millions all over the world and in 60 years and more of existence, we have had the opportunity to see her transform continuously, following all the trends of the moment.

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In recent years, Barbie is no longer just a blonde, slender and perfect doll but fits into a world closer to reality.
No more stereotypes, the new generation arrives and with it a strong message: one in which perfection does not exist. We are witnessing a real revolution.

Discover some of the most successful models and accessories from our iconic Barbie, some on sale up to 59%!
Take advantage of it and make young and old happy this Christmas.

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Barbie's glam vacation home

© Amazon

This holiday home It is the perfect accessory for Barbie dolls. Inside you will discover a kitchen and a beautiful room with a bathroom.
Thanks to its handle, you can easily take it anywhere.
The house consists of a kitchen with two stools, a bedroom with a bed and a bedside table (which opens to hide some secrets), a bathroom with shower and a multitude of accessories and kitchen utensils (pots, pans, dishes , cutlery and glasses), or accessories such as alarm clock and pillow, hairdryer or vase.

Buy on Amazon for € 47.89 (29% discount)

Veterinary Barbie with animal shelter

© Amazon

Does your little girl dream of being a vet? Here is a doll that is sure to enchant her: Barbie and her animal shelter.
It includes eight animals to take care of.
The tree has many corners to accommodate animals, such as a nest in the branches or in the trunk.
Many original and interactive details!

Buy on Amazon for 30 € (48% discount)

Barbie's camper

© Amazon

Introducing Barbie's Camper to go on vacation with your favorite dolls and explore the world.
The camper opens completely. The side roof also opens and closes to create a new play area.
Contains more than 50 different pieces.
On the side, it will unfold a swimming pool equipped with a water slide and a folding ladder to jump in and cool off.
The interior is designed for eating or sleeping and the rear includes a bathroom with shower. On the other side, a kitchen equipped with a fridge and freezer. A real house on wheels!

Buy on Amazon for € 69.99 (60% discount)

Barbie Fashionista

© Amazon

The Barbie Fashionistas are the new improved versions of the classic Barbie.
A doll with multiple shapes, different hair colors, skin and always in the latest fashion.
We love this version but it also exists in 12 different versions, with its looks one more beautiful than the other.
Long last!
Includes: dress, shoes with two changes, two bags and accessories.

Buy on Amazon for € 28.99

Holiday Magic Barbie 2018

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The dream of all girls, every Christmas.
There is no "right" age to appreciate the magnificence of Holiday Magic Barbie.
This special edition always makes us dream with its fine fabrics and precious jewels. Barbie is radiant and more beautiful than usual. In short, a daydream to give to young and old.

Buy on Amazon for € 34.99 (49% discount) <

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