The pill makes you fat, or not: let's clarify this widespread contraceptive

All women when they take the pill as a contraceptive or as a drug recommended for hormonal reasons by their doctor ask themselves this question: does the pill make you fat? Will I gain weight on the pill? By continuing to read you will discover everything there is to know about the pill. But now, watch this video and find out in detail about PMS and everything that happens to your body in the days leading up to your period!

The question all women ask themselves: Does the pill really make you fat?

Does the birth control pill make you fat? Time to find out the truth. Let's begin to understand what is meant, however, by gaining weight. If we talk about accumulating fat, no, the contraceptive pill does not accumulate fat. There are many cases in which the pill (like the patch or even the ring) is taken to regulate the cycle: women who take it for this purpose often lose weight.
Yet many women in our country do not choose the pill as a contraceptive for fear of gaining weight. Weight gain is the most feared of the side effects of the pill, and the most frightened are the young and the very young. Let's take a look at the numbers: in Italy only 16.2% of women of childbearing age use the contraceptive pill A very low number compared to other realities, and this happens because there is so much wrong information.Greasing is a side effect but it rarely occurs.
That the conceptional pill does not make you fat has been shown by various scientific researches, obviously the effects are always subjective and in some cases not frequent it acts on the metabolism. Today, however, there are really latest generation pills, with a low dose of estrogen that reduce the side effects of the pills of the past and therefore can be taken with more serenity.

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Okay, the pill doesn't make you fat. But does it cause cellulite?

Again the answer to the question is no. The pill does not promote water retention and neither does cellulite which originates from problems with the lymphatic system. Having said that, it is good to remember that the pill slows down peripheral circulation and it is this phenomenon that in the long run could cause cellulite to appear. Some women complain of an increase in water retention, it is a fairly rare side effect and in any case it is a slight increase. To reduce the risk of water retention and to feel your best again, remember to drink more water, limit the salt in your diet and allow yourself some physical activity: 20 minutes of walking each day are enough to give retention a hard time water.

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Let's dispel another false myth: the pill does not promote the appearance of tumors

The contraceptive pill has a "preventive action against ovarian and endometrial cancer even if there is a slight higher chance of developing breast cancer: the percentage is very low and the benefits are considered to be greater than the risks." Pill is often recommended in the treatment of acne, especially acne which has a hormonal origin and is caused by an increase in progesterone. The pill helps reduce this skin blemish. However, each patient is unique and which pill to take must be exclusively prescribed by the doctor. Not all of them contain an anti-androgenic progestin capable of fighting acne! In any case it is good to remember that when we talk about the contraceptive pill we are talking about drugs for which as for any drug there are obviously pros and cons.
It must be the gynecologist to evaluate if hormonal contraception is right for you or direct you to other contraceptives such as the IUD and condoms.

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Does the pill make you fat? How to choose the right one

The hormones of the pill impact on the female body but not in a localized way, the pill is in fact taken every day so the hormones are able to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Those who choose to take a birth control pill must always adopt a healthy lifestyle, limit alcohol, do not smoke and avoid all foods that promote swelling, water retention and cellulite. As we said before, however, the pills are not all the same, and they have different hormone dosages. The gynecologist will help you to evaluate the most suitable estrogen dosage for your physicality in order to minimize the possibility of side effects. The pills also exist in an ultralight version dedicated to very young girls under 20/25 years or those with a body weight of less than 50 kg. If you are a woman particularly prone to cellulite, the gynecologist may recommend a pill with drospirenone.
Ask your gynecologist for advice and then choose the contraceptive that is right for you to better enjoy your daily life (without fear of gaining weight)!

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