Hazelnuts: properties and benefits of dried fruit against cholesterol

More and more attention is being paid to the properties of some foods because they can hide particular benefits for our health. Among these foods, we cannot forget the dried fruit which is an "excellent ally not only for our body, but also for our beauty. Today we discover everything about hazelnuts, one of the favorite varieties in this sense, above all because it is recognized. by all as one of the super food main in the fight against cholesterol.

The various types of hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are particularly loved for their properties, their flavor and also because they marry particularly well in many recipes, especially autumn and winter ones. However, before discovering all the benefits of this dried fruit, let's clarify the different varieties that exist.

Among the best known are the Tonda Gentile Romana hazelnuts and the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, both consumed in both confectionery and dried products. Furthermore, the Tonda di Giffoni hazelnut or the one known as the "Lunga di San Giovanni" cannot be forgotten.

Each type of hazelnut is recognized not only for its shape, but also for its taste which makes it suitable for one use rather than another.

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Nutritional values ​​and calories

In general, all hazelnuts have similar nutritional values ​​and a similar number of calories. In fact, like all other types of dried fruit, they owe their beneficial properties to fatty acids considered good, such as oleic and linoleic acids, which help to counteract bad cholesterol. Precisely for this reason, however, their calorie content is considered high: in 100 grams of hazelnuts there are 628 calories.In addition to fats, they are mainly rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts that explain why they bring so many benefits to our health.

The properties of hazelnuts

As already mentioned, hazelnuts contain vitamins, especially vitamin E. In fact, together with almonds, they are the type of dried fruit that has the highest level of this nutritional principle which is an authentic ally for our health and beauty. . Vitamin E is known for being one of the most effective antioxidants, capable of fighting free radicals and cellular aging.

In addition, the fatty acids of hazelnuts act on cholesterol, lowering the bad and increasing the good. Also thanks to unsaturated acids, they are able to prevent cardiovascular diseases and are therefore considered the "friend" of the heart. All this is also amplified by the high content of mineral salts, especially as regards magnesium and potassium.

Finally, hazelnuts are rich in fiber, which allows them to also be effective for the gastrointestinal tract and because they promote the sense of satiety.

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The health benefits of hazelnuts

The nutritional values ​​and properties of hazelnuts already show many of their health benefits. Let's see them in more detail:

  • Ally against cholesterol and heart disease

Surely the best known virtue of hazelnuts is to counteract bad cholesterol. This is possible thanks to fatty acids and phytosterols, which help cleanse the blood of this harmful lipid molecule. In addition, the combination of unsaturated fat, fiber and protein controls blood sugar, reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

  • A solution against muscle tension and fatigue

Both in the case of people who practice sports regularly and in that of individuals who maintain a very hectic lifestyle, hazelnuts help to fight various muscular disorders thanks to their content of mineral salts, especially magnesium and potassium. Likewise, magnesium not only reduces cramps but counteracts fatigue by strengthening the muscles.

  • Effective for blood pressure

Again thanks to their mineral salts, but this time for potassium, it has been noted that hazelnuts are an excellent remedy for reducing blood pressure. Furthermore, if omega 3 and omega 6 favor the protection of the heart, proteins are instead functional in keeping normal blood pressure under control.

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  • Antitumor foods

The foods that help us reduce the risk of tumor formation are being studied more and more frequently. According to the most recent research, dried fruit is one of the most recommended foods. Specifically, hazelnuts have a remarkable antitumor activity thanks to taxol. They would prove to be very useful in countering the risk of colon, pancreatic and endometrial cancers.

  • Ideal for the regularity of the intestinal tract

Hazelnuts are also effective in the case of intestinal irregularities and a sluggish intestine. This is thanks to the fibers they are rich in, which cleanse the intestinal tract of waste and regularize the intestine.

  • Special aides in weight loss

Finally, do not think that the high number of calories of hazelnuts makes them "enemies" for diets. In fact, if eaten in the right quantities, any type of dried fruit, including hazelnuts, helps to lose weight faster because it contributes to the reduction in body mass index. In addition, hazelnuts promote the sense of satiety, making it an excellent snack to break hunger in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

The cosmetic benefits of hazelnuts

If the health benefits were easier to imagine thanks to all the properties of hazelnuts, we must not, however, neglect those in terms of beauty. In fact, this dried fruit is used more and more often in cosmetic products, especially aimed at the well-being of the skin.

First of all, this particular virtue is due to vitamin E, a special natural antioxidant. Vitamin E acts against free radicals and cellular aging, demonstrating its effects also outside our body as regards the skin.

In the field of beauty, the properties of hazelnuts are exploited in a specific form, that is through the use of their oil. Hazelnut oil is obtained by cold pressing the fruit so as not to compromise all its principles and components. It is fluid and does not leave the skin greasy: this aspect makes it particularly suitable for oily acne-prone skin. In fact, hazelnut oil is being found to act effectively in reducing excess sebum, so as to narrow pores and fight imperfections and blackheads. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, this oil helps dry acne pimples and heals the skin faster, avoiding the appearance of marks.

Finally, we also recommend hazelnut oil to pregnant women and to all those people who have lost a lot of weight and who have to fight stretch marks. This product helps to elasticise the skin and reduce the appearance of annoying blemishes.

You can buy Naissance Hazelnut Oil 250ml on Amazon for € 18.50.

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How to consume hazelnuts

If hazelnut oil stands out in cosmetics for external use, to exploit all the other properties of this fruit you can indulge yourself with your imagination and combine hazelnuts with many and numerous recipes. In fact, they can be consumed fresh, dried and even toasted. .

Since we have seen how they are very effective in the case of a weight loss diet, we recommend integrating them in a balanced way to your diet, without ever overdoing the quantities. An excellent solution is to eat hazelnuts as a snack, perhaps combined with other types of dried fruit. For example, Happy Belly Roasted and unsalted hazelnuts, available on Amazon, are a healthy and balanced snack, able to provide energy for face the daily tasks with more charge.

In addition, you can choose to add chopped hazelnuts to your breakfast, to the sauce to season pasta and even in the mixture of cakes and desserts. In this regard, it goes without saying that their use in confectionery products is the most popular one, especially for with regards to chocolate, biscuits and creams. Today we suggest the Foodspring Hazelnut Protein Spreadable Cream, which is available in a set of three packs on Amazon for only € 14.99. It is perfect for athletes and for those looking for a little low calorie sweetness.

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Hazelnuts have no particular side effects or contraindications, except in the case of allergies.It is good to remember that fresh fruit in general and especially nuts and hazelnuts are among the foods with the highest risk of allergy.

In addition to this, we have seen how they are a very caloric food. For this reason we recommend a limited consumption both in the case of a slimming diet and a normal diet.

For more information on hazelnuts, consult the Humanitas website.

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