Nek more and more in love with his Patty. The sweet photos of the couple on vacation!

In love and happy, this is exactly what one thinks of seeing some shots of Filippo Neaviani, aka Nek, with his wife Patrizia. In fact, it is impossible not to melt in front of the sweet images that appear on the singer's social networks, almost completely covered with photos of his sweetheart and daughter, Beatrice. Together for many years, the interpreter from Sassuolo and his wife did not hide the fact that they had gone through difficult times and overcome them, finding themselves even more united than before. Already during the Sanremo experience we had the opportunity to see closely the special bond of the couple, and still today, taking a look at Filippo's Instagram profile, we can have a "further confirmation. Here in fact, here are some sweet pictures of Nek with his Patty, very much in love on vacation.

© All photos taken from Nek's Instagram profile Some pictures of Nek and Patrizia

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