10 reasons that prove that Leonardo DiCaprio deserved to win the Oscar

DiCaprio is the name that we have repeatedly pronounced, or heard, talking about the Oscars ceremony. His career has been phenomenal and today he finally managed to take home the coveted statuette!

Here are 10 reasons for you that prove that Leonardo absolutely deserved the victory!

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1. "Revenant" is THE movie and he is THE actor

The film started out as a favorite and in fact ... it had every reason!

2. His opponents didn't deserve it as much as he did

Eddie Redmayne had just won one, Fassbender will win it shortly, no one talks about Cranston and Matt Damon ... Did we even think for a moment that he had the same chances as Leo?

3. On January 10, at the Golden Globes, he gave us the best gif of 2016

4. If it hadn't happened the internet would have exploded (and anyway, it's exploding anyway)

5. The cosmos, and especially the Academy, owed it to him

Leaving it dry after Titanic was inexcusable.

Just as it was unforgivable to leave him without a nomination for Django, Revolutionary road, J. Edgar ...

6. After last night Blake Lively will regret leaving him

Blake, we know your husband Ryan Reynolds will never win the Oscar ...

6. Kate Winslet, whenever it comes to Leo, becomes the happiest woman in the universe

She loves him more than anything in the world.

She is always happy for him.

And, after all ...

He knows that two could easily fit on that door!

7. Didn't deserve to go home angry

Or with this kitten face from Shrek.

8. Why "The Wolf of Wall Street" was this:

But we remember something like that.

"You gave Leo the" Oscar, right? "

9. It was the best rematch in history

He got excited hearing her name.

He ran up so no one stole his statuette.

He made a splendid speech

The whole world celebrated

And he was ready to party!

10. We were looking forward to seeing it like this:

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