How to take care of yourself: 6 steps to regenerate and feel better about yourself!

When was the last time you stopped for a moment? At this simple question, many women often hesitate, hardly remembering a time when they took care of themselves. Yet, carving out moments during the day, even small and apparently insignificant, it has a saving and regenerating power, often too underestimated. Going at a hundred an hour and never stopping, not listening to one's inner clock and always adapting to the frenetic rhythms of today's society can lead in the long run to disconnect from oneself, with the result of living too passively and losing the ability to listen to oneself, a quality that we women have and should learn to carefully preserve. There are many ways to take care of yourself and indulge yourself a little, here we suggest you some. Choose the one you prefer and try to include it in your daily or weekly routine: from the beginning you can reap great benefits. Don't you believe it? !

You are the person you will have to spend the rest of your life with, which is why it is important to take care of yourself! Before proceeding with the reading of the article, we offer you several tips to increase your self-esteem.

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Taking care of yourself: let's start with the skin! Tips and evergreens to follow

1. Learn to say no sometimes

You probably won't even remember when was the last time you said no. Yet, the power of no is immense but is often forgotten due to feelings of guilt, fear of offending and disappointing the people around you or a simple sense of the duty that we have been carrying around for many, many years. However, we must learn to listen to our limits, satisfy our needs and give up something to dedicate space and time to ourselves. So learn not to overdo the commitments and duties, but carve out some moments all for yourself to spend as you see fit: you will see, you will feel a very pleasant sensation of lightness.

2. Dedicate yourself to a beauty pampering: a relaxing and perfumed shower just for you

Give yourself a beauty moment all to yourself. And what's better than a relaxing shower and harp? That's right, the moment of the shower is often experienced as a simple step in the beauty routine, but it is much more! regenerate physically and psychologically and reconnect with yourself. Where he thought of just this and created a spray shower mousse capable of making the shower ritual a playful and joyful experiential moment, a beauty pampering with detox power, to be lived no longer as a simple duty but as a real pleasure and a small enchanted escape from reality.

The new Dove Shower Mousse has a creamy and soft consistency, a white cloud, pleasant even to the eye, which evokes a feeling of immediate well-being, giving a moment of unprecedented pleasure and relaxation.
Ultra delicate and fragrant, this very pleasant and ethereal formula gives nourishment, deep hydration and a feeling of softness that lasts up to 24 hours.

There are two fragrances that you can choose from according to your taste or simply to the mood of the day: Argan Oil or Rose Oil.

The first, with an oriental and woody scent, will give you a pleasant exotic sensation, evoking a Thousand and One Nights atmospheres, while the second, perfect for the most romantic, thanks to its floral scent, will take you back to a garden of delicate roses with a "dreamy atmosphere.

In short, a delicious way to regenerate mind and body and feel better about yourself, savoring the little hidden joys of everyday life.

3. It's about your favorite movie: just the couch and doing nothing!

Pretty Woman, The devil wears Prada, The truth is he does not like you enough... in short, choose the film that broke your heart and let yourself be transported to another world for two hours or so. You can also opt for your favorite series and sink into the sofa for a while with that delicious and priceless feeling of doing nothing that we deserve from time to time. One caveat: don't let yourself be guilty.

4. Go for a walk in the middle of nature

Nature can come to our rescue easily if our goal is to find serenity and give yourself moments all to yourself. Walking in the open has in fact a great regenerating power, physical and above all mental. Try to carve out moments face to face with nature and let your thoughts go, immersing yourself in the silence of the green and the sky. You will find balance, calm and a pleasant feeling of home faster than you think.

5. Take the time to dedicate yourself to your passion

Whether it's cooking, gardening, knitting, reading or just lounging in front of the TV, try to give space to your passion and take the time to do it regularly. You might start thinking about introducing it into your weekly routine: you don't need a lot of time, even just a few small moments are enough to reconnect with yourself and give voice to what you like best and makes you feel good.

6. Allow yourself that sin of gluttony that you love so much and that you always renounce

We know how much food is able to give us moments of pure joy. Every now and then forget your diet and treat yourself to that sin of gluttony you so desire and that is able to turn your day around. That's right: without feeling guilty, let yourself go to a small, enjoyable moment to enjoy calmly and in complete tranquility. Don't be too harsh and judgmental, and remind yourself that you deserve it!

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