Space-saving furniture: the multifunctional furniture to furnish bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom

Space-saving furniture is the ideal solution for those who need to furnish a small house. Whether it's the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room or the bedroom, furniture of this type - multifunctional by definition - allows you to make the most of the size, combining efficiency with aesthetics.

So let's find out together which are the most suitable space-saving furniture for different environments: you will find many ideas to inspire you to choose a furniture that combines intelligence and originality!

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Space-saving and multifunctional bathroom furniture

In small bathrooms it is essential to take advantage of every minimum space. Not surprisingly, among the most popular furniture there are corner ones. The purchase of a corner wall unit, in fact, can be very useful and will give you the possibility to store creams, towels and everything you need inside.

There are also cabinets with variable depths that can be hung on the wall, for example above the sink. In this case you could choose one with a double mirror, both inside and outside the movable panel. In general, mirrors with containers are always a great idea, also because the mirror gives the illusion of a larger space! There are also some types to be built into the wall, in order to gain even more space and obtain a more elegant effect (obviously in this case it will be necessary to evaluate with an expert whether your wall is load-bearing or not to make the operation possible).

The cabinets-containers with wheels are also very practical, which you can pull forward, move and store if necessary, simplifying your life. There are different heights and sizes.

There are also some really nice multifunctional furnishing elements, such as towel holders that, if necessary, also become toilet paper holders or soap holders, or wall or floor towel bar holders suitable for hooking or supporting accessories such as toilet brush, toothbrush holders. , soap dish or more.

To save space in the bathroom, it is always good to choose compact solutions for the entire wall that allow you to arrange together, within 2 meters, the sink, shower cubicle and cabinets. In some cases, it will also be possible to fit a mini- washing machine. And if you really can't give up the idea of ​​a bathtub, fear not: on the market you can find super-compact ones to be installed in the recess, corner, wall or niche.

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Furnish your kitchen with space-saving furniture

In a small kitchen, the purchase of space-saving furniture is essential to be able to make the most of it. Focus everything, then, on the heights: buy shelves or shelves to fill with glasses, plates and cups. If the table is leaning against the wall, you can also place them on top of it, and you can use tool bars to have everything you need for cooking at your fingertips.

Another clever idea could be to buy monobloc kitchens, in which each piece of furniture is already interlocked within a few meters. In these cases, a peninsula table is often preferred, in order to save further space. , but there are alternative solutions, such as those of folding tables or those that are transformed into decorative elements, such as a picture with a frame or a mirror. In addition, tables with wheels, to be moved to the dining room if necessary, should not be excluded. for a dinner with guests.

You could also consider the idea of ​​buying a hideaway kitchen, especially if you have a single room for the kitchen and living room: this solution would allow you to completely disappear the appliances, oven, fridge and worktops in a single block. .

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Space-saving furniture for the living room

The rule of vertical organization also applies to the living room: if you have a sliding door, you can cover the entire wall with a system of doors in which to place everything you need. You can have fun making this kind of modular equipped wall even leaving open shelves in which to place books or significant objects, while in the closed compartments you can store tablecloths or other. This is undoubtedly the most practical solution to make the most of your stay.

Then bet everything on a transformable and adjustable table. There are different types: from those on several levels to those that can be closed that become simple shelves or containers for the living room. The round table is also very elegant, but make sure it can be extended if necessary.

Finally, a great classic of space-saving and multifunctional furniture is the sofa-bed, which solves many organization problems! Today you can find beautiful ones, in every color, material, shape and style, also suitable for transforming into containers. A guaranteed investment!

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Multifunctional and space-saving furniture for the bedroom

The sofa bed can also be a good idea for the bedroom if you want to save space in the sleeping area. If, on the other hand, the idea of ​​opening and closing it every day gives you hives, at least focus on a bed with a container: there are many beds on the market with a structure that allows you to store at the base, lifting the mattress, blankets, duvets and so on. Otherwise there are various types of beds with pull-out containers or real drawers at the base, all to be filled.

The extra idea? To choose equally functional headboards, for example those made on the shelf, in such a way as to be able to store everything you want and eventually replace the same bedside tables.

The mezzanine can be another very useful space-saving solution, especially for children's bedrooms: these are wooden structures that allow you to position the mattress at the top (or, why not, a sofa bed) and a study area at the bottom. complete with desks, shelves, drawers and storage units, if not a small wardrobe.

If you are arranging your child's bedroom, here are some suggestions:

Finally, consider the idea of ​​buying bookcases with a separating function, which could help you to delimit different environments within the room, especially if you do not have your own studio. Alternatively, screens are also good, perhaps with a slightly vintage flavor.

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