Bilberry: here are the 10 benefits you never thought of!

Small and discreet shrub that grows in the half-light of the woods, the bilberry produces berries that are easily recognizable thanks to their purplish color. For therapeutic purposes, the leaves and fruits collected in summer and dried are used. But blueberry can also be eaten fresh or used to make delicious juices and exquisite jams.

In the meantime, take a "look at all the benefits of red fruits ...

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1. Rewind Power: rewind time

Don't feel like getting old? Fortunately, blueberries have a good amount of antioxidants to slow down the cellular aging process: vitamins A and C present in blueberries contribute to the health of collagen, responsible for cell regeneration of the skin. In short, fewer wrinkles with blueberries or later, as well as bags under the eyes and other unsightly blemishes, also thanks to the ability of the blueberry to keep our skin hydrated.

2. They have an extraordinary amount of antioxidants

You are perhaps thinking, "Where can I find a fruit that is rich in anthocyanins, vitamins C, B, E and A, copper, selenium, zinc and iron?" or “Where can I find the elixir of life?” Well, you found it: this little bluish fruit contains exactly all of that!

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3. They are excellent fat burners

The catechins present in blueberries activate the abdominal genes: they are therefore extraordinary allies in the fight against weight.

4. They can improve memory

Are you forgetful? Do you lose your house keys too often? Blueberry can be a great friend of yours.
The anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants, give the blueberry its characteristic purplish and bluish color, but are also allies of memory, because they increase memory activity.
Daily consumption of cranberry juice leads to a significant improvement in our memory skills after only 12 weeks.
So first, remember where you put the blueberries!

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5. They fight cystitis

All women know how annoying urinary infections are: if they find themselves in the middle of an acute bacterial cystitis (UTI) they know it even better ... Cranberry juice is a real medicine against cystitis, but also the bilberry can have the same beneficial effects.

6. They improve circulation

If you suffer from heaviness or swelling in the legs think of the blueberry! The ability of this small berry to improve circulation has been known since Antiquity.

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7. They are anti-inflammatory

Eating blueberries can relieve inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis and skin inflammation. Besides being a pain reliever, bilberry is therefore a valuable natural anti-inflammatory!

8. They improve eyesight

Bilberry improves night vision and visual fatigue. It also promotes the regeneration of retinal tissues and is also useful in case of vascular disorders of the eye. This is why it is recommended in preventing and fighting eye diseases. If you want to see better and take care of your eyes, drink plenty of cranberry juice black!

9. They fight diarrhea

Bilberry is rich in substances that prevent the development of bacteria: this is why it is effective in treating diarrhea and other digestive tract disorders such as indigestion or intestinal inflammation. And thanks to its astringent action it promotes healing.

10. They are a great snack

They are delicious, they are small and easy to carry: in short, blueberries can be an optimal snack during the day! You can freeze them, and then use them to embellish a salad, they are also great for breakfast and as a dessert. And they are definitely low in calories.
In short, there is no excuse: you need to eat more blueberries!

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