The better the sex, the higher the chance of cheating

Sex is definitely an important component of relationships, and the Florida State University just conducted a study that argues that members of couples where sex is booming are more prone to cheating.

Who are the possible traitors

The study first of all highlighted that men and women live their relational lives in opposite ways: men who have had many hit-and-run stories are more likely to betray than women in the same situation. Furthermore, the number of betrayals increases in a directly proportional way to sexual satisfaction because sex leads to self-awareness and, when one is comfortable with one's body, a whole new security takes over which can lead to encounters beyond out of the couple.

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Extreme sex

One way to spot "possible traitors" according to "Florida State University" is to submit photographs of people considered attractive and to see how many seconds they are staring at: people whose gaze lingers on photos for less than a minute. second, they are less than 50% likely to cheat.

The use of social networks

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It must be admitted that today, with social media, the call to betrayal has changed a lot compared to what happened years ago. We are surrounded by images of beautiful and happy people and we too, in one way or another, want to be surrounded by beautiful and happy people, so it may happen that we begin to see our partner in a different light, independent of the quality of the sex.

The study has been done on married couples for about 3 years and that obviously doesn't mean you have to settle for a relationship where you don't feel like yourself. If the person you share your bed with pushes you to be better and gives you the love and attention you deserve ... Why can't you be the exception to the rule?

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