Michelle on vacation with Tomaso and the little Sun. Pictures of the couple in love and happy!

After the baptism of the little Sun, held last June 8 in Bergamo, Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi allowed themselves a little relaxation in their beloved Varigotti, in Liguria, where they usually take refuge to disconnect from everyday life.

In fact, the couple was photographed on the terrace of their villa, while enjoying the wonderful day in the company of little Sole. The two, who have been dating for two years and are close to the altar, appeared more in love than ever, chasing away so the gossips of the past months who wanted them in crisis due to the postponement of the wedding. The Swiss presenter and the scion of the Trussardi family were supposed to get married this summer. But the images leave no doubt about the splendid moment that the couple is experiencing.

Here are the romantic photos of Michelle and Tomaso with their daughter.

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