How to organize a super trendy sea-themed wedding!

The sea-themed wedding is one of the most romantic. This is because we are inspired by something that by nature contains the essence of poetry and romanticism, and that at any stage of life we ​​observe it, we find comfort and inspiration. To organize this type of wedding, therefore, as well as equip ourselves with the right ones. place cards, invitations, centerpieces and invitations, we must leave room for the imagination and the heart, because only in this way will we be able to recreate that magical atmosphere typical of the sea. Before approaching the organization of the wedding, we want to remember the 5 things necessary for any type of marriage:

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Sea-themed wedding: some basic indications

If your dream is to create a sea-themed wedding, you just have to make the first point about how you want to treat the topic. You prefer to grasp its natural aspect, that is water, shells, starfish, seahorses. ? Or would you prefer to grasp the "more" seafaring "aspect, with boats, anchors, ropes and life jackets? To give you concrete support, start with two basic elements on which to rotate all subsequent decisions regarding placeholders, shareholdings and so on. ha, more put!

  • Symbol: choose one or two symbols on which to rotate all the decorations: you could combine shells and starfish, but also waves and seagulls, as well as anchor and rudder. The important thing is not to put them all together to avoid creating too much confusion in the decorations.
  • Color: here too try to choose a fundamental one. although it is believed that the sea is synonymous with blue, there are many shades that we can associate with it: from all those of blue to the sand color and lobster red, typical of many marine animals.

Perfect invitations or invitations for a sea-themed wedding

Who said that you have to get married on the beach to have a sea-themed wedding? If we haven't had this occasion, don't worry, just organize yourself in such a way that every detail and every decoration of our special day recall this theme. One of the first things to take into consideration are the invitations, precisely because they represent the business card of every wedding, the first sign of the type of wedding to be attended. In principle, we can be inspired by two main symbols of the sea: sand or " water. Depending on the choice, we will create or purchase different types of investments. On the one hand we will have minimal participations, with the color of the sand that is accompanied by shades such as white, cream, but also lobster or gold. On the other hand, we will have more decisive colors such as blue, light blue, turquoise and Tiffany blue, which combine with each other and are also perfect with silver. The idea is to embellish these colors with real and own symbols of the sea, from shells to strings. Get inspired here:

© Pinterest Sea themed wedding invitations

You can find some ready-made solutions, such as these in light blue decorated with starfish and shells in blue and sand on Amazon at about € 69 for 70 pieces, or get creative with your imagination for do-it-yourself invitations: you can buy separately some neutral invitations, on Amazon at € 19 for 50 pieces, and embellish them with ribbons and shells!

Sea-themed wedding? Play with placeholders!

Second on the podium in terms of importance, the placeholders play a fundamental role because the guests notice them, observe them and, if they like them, keep them as a souvenir of that special day.For a sea-themed wedding, we can play with the symbols that best represent our way of living it, of feeling it. We can opt for articulated and original place cards, such as paper boats from whose mast the flag with the name of the guest appears. Or we can refer to the natural world, combining simple name tags with both shells and fish. The important is to create a coherent whole with the rest of the chosen decorations. Take inspiration from these two models:

© Pinterest Sea theme wedding place card

If you want to buy simple but super trendy place cards, opt for this paper model with blue decorations in the shape of fish, on Amazon at 15 € for 50 pieces. If, on the other hand, you want to opt for do-it-yourself place cards, we offer you to buy neutral colored cards, and decorate them as you like. Here are the elements:

  • Neutral tickets with rope, pack from € 200 to € 9.99 on Amazon
  • Various shells, 1kg pack for € 11.44 on Amazon
  • Wooden decorations in the shape of a rudder or 100 pieces for 6.99 on Amazon
  • Hot glue gun with 60 sticks for € 9.99 on Amazon

Sea themed cake for a wedding worthy of "The Little Mermaid"

The wedding cake is the fulfillment of a well-structured ceremony, the final display of your style choices. If you have opted for a sea-themed wedding, the cake will also be inspired by this marvelous universe. naked cake, the important thing is that the decorations, as well as the colors, refer to the marine world: you can opt for cakes whose icing reflects the waves of the sea, but also for very minimal cakes, in white, light blue or pastel pink , adorned with shells, starfish and edible flowers. The only certainty is that the cake will have to represent your way of being and the essence of your love, to be shared as a final gesture with all the guests!

© Pinterest Sea themed wedding cake with waves

Sea-themed DIY centerpiece and tableau

The centerpieces for a sea-themed wedding
To decorate your tables for a sea-themed ceremony, a beautiful idea could be to pay homage to the sand and its splendor, enhancing it through glass containers and the combination with refined candles and shells. glass and fill them as you prefer, with sand, candles, shells but also as a base for sand and fragrant flowers. You can also fill them with blue glass nuggets, available on Amazon for € 9.24 for 81 pieces, to simulate the beauty of the sea . Next to these small mara themed vases, you can place branches, starfish and whatever recalls the symbols of your wedding. If, on the other hand, the idea of ​​sand is not for you, you can focus on sailors' ropes and knots, perhaps as base for candles, which in themselves have a spectacular effect! Get inspired here:

© Pinterest Blue sea themed wedding centerpiece

DIY tableau for a sea-themed wedding
As for the tableau for your sea-themed wedding, you can indulge your imagination and search for the solution that best suits your needs and the time you have available. You can take advantage, for example, of the beauty of the ropes used by sailors to "weave" cards with each other with the various arrangements. Or you can take advantage of a fisherman's net, like the decorative ones available on Amazon for € 10.99, on which to hang the table arrangements in a nice way and create that feeling of tranquility that only the symbols of the sea can give us. Here are some examples:

© Pinterest DIY Tableau with Sea Themed Wedding Anchors

Marine decorations and fittings for everyone!

As far as decorations and fittings are concerned, the watchwords are "carefree and class". The place where your themed wedding ceremony will take place will have to resume that feeling of well-being that only the sea can give. Light colors, from the " blue to pastel orange, if you want to be inspired by the natural marine world, or bold colors such as red, blue and white if you want to be inspired by the seafaring world. You can play with your imagination, using objects such as anchors, shells, flowers, exteriors for candles, all rigorously arranged with harmony and coherence. Here are some particular sea-themed decorations:

© Pinterest Sea theme wedding lamp

Reserve specific spaces for more complex settings, such as those of the confetti, the dessert buffet, but also the place where you can take photos with guests. Also in this case, the settings will have to take up the symbols you have chosen for everyone, either natural or sailors. Here are two wonderful examples:

© Pinterest Sea theme wedding set-up

For sea-themed arrangements, here are some proposals:

  • Decorative life buoy at € 3.98 on Amazon
  • Rope marinara at € 12.49 on Amazon
  • Decorative wooden rudder for € 12.99 on Amazon

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