5 reasons to choose a winter wedding

A winter wedding is always a good idea!
Even if it's not very conventional or usual, if you choose to get married in the winter, yours will be a winning decision.
The snow, the magic of the holidays, the lit fireplace, the warm colors of the Christmas decorations: winter offers a multitude of wonderful moments.

Although spring and summer are the most popular time for weddings, not everyone has the opportunity to get married during the summer.
Whether it is for economic reasons, for reasons of time or simply because you and your partner love winter, there are many advantages in choosing a winter ceremony and being the queen of the long winter for one day!

We have found many, but we will summarize them in 5 excellent reasons to prefer a winter wedding.
Find out what they are and how to best organize it without stress!

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1. Savings

The first valid (and most compelling) reason for preferring a winter wedding is the amount of money you will save! If you are thinking of a low-cost wedding, winter is the ideal season to save up to 20% of the total and since it is thousands of euros, it would be a nice saving, don't you think?

If you choose a period close to the holiday season (but try to avoid holidays), your budget will benefit.
If you even thought you were celebrating between January and March, even better! It is the best period, because given the low quantity of requests, restaurants and locations, but also hotels (if you are planning to host someone from outside) will offer you their services at very affordable prices.

The same could be true for music and photographer, moreover in winter there are many fairs dedicated to the wedding world around the main Italian cities where suppliers always offer some more discounts.

2. The wonderful winter decorations

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If you get married in December, all the locations prepared for the organization of weddings will already be decorated for the Christmas holidays: poinsettias, lights, snowflakes, pine cones, tartan fabrics and soft faux fur.
You can take advantage of the festive atmosphere of the location without the need to embellish it further.

If, on the other hand, you have found a private place like a villa or a castle, it will take very little!
A large decorated tree and a lit fireplace will immediately give a warm and welcoming air to your ceremony.
If it's your turn to decorate, there's plenty of cute and inexpensive ideas for decorating your table on Amazon.

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3. Goodbye weather stress

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If you think that "summer wedding" is synonymous with "good weather", you are wrong!
Often when you get married in the spring or summer, it is assumed that the event will be held outdoors, but beware!
The risk of catching a cool and rainy day, or worse, a nice summer storm is very high!
This is why many spouses have to think about a plan b for their wedding, spending more, especially in locations that do not provide an indoor solution, such as in the case of a wedding on the beach, not to mention the disappointment of having long imagined a wedding in the open air and then celebrate it indoors.

By getting married in winter, however, you already know that the event will be held inside the location, where newlyweds and guests can enjoy the day in the warmth and without stress! What if it snows? Even better, the atmosphere will be truly magical!

4. Dress and accessories: in winter you have more choice!

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If in the summer you have to evaluate a multitude of factors when it comes to choosing your wedding look, such as pulled up hair, light makeup, light colors and a whole series of seasonal factors designed to prevent you from suffering too much heat, in winter everything this is not a problem!

Green light to dark, bright, warm colors for decorations, make-up and bouquets and greetings to pastel colors.
As for the dress, however, you can certainly indulge yourself more than in the summer.
Mix heavy fabrics with lighter ones, long sleeves and open back, very long and richly detailed dresses, silver dresses (super chic for an evening wedding).
Yes to loose hair, red or burgundy lipstick and eyeliner without running the risk of it melting!
And if your dress is still very light, choose a matching coat or faux fur that will leave everyone breathless!

Get inspired by our gallery:

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5. The love-filled atmosphere of the holidays

The main ingredient for a perfect marriage is love! Spouses and loved ones who will be present at their wedding. For this reason, getting married during the Christmas holidays will certainly give that extra edge to your event.
At Christmas, the family gets together and even friends who live outside return to the city. It is a time full of joy and affection and celebrating a wedding at that time is perfect for having all your loved ones among the guests.
However, avoid the week between Christmas and New Year, first of all because it could cost a lot more, secondly because many of your guests may not be present, because they may have booked a small vacation or have other family commitments.

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Finally, pay homage to them with a little thought to bring some warmth.
How about preparing a blend of cocoa and spices such as cinnamon or chilli, to give your guests a "great cup of hot chocolate?"

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