How to make your wedding unforgettable? Through the 5 senses!

In life comes that incredible moment when, after celebrating eighteenth and graduation parties, the tour of weddings begins: how can you make your special day even more special?
Chiara Stella Gori, author of "Sensorial Wedding - Make your guests live an" engaging experience ", is the first Sensorial Designer in Italy and proposes a decidedly out of the ordinary wedding!
After all, we all dream of living an "experience that is close to perfection ...

According to ISTAT data, Italian brides spend about 35 thousand euros for a wedding based on the sense of sight: how to get the most out of your wedding day, thanks to the help of science and the 5 senses?

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An incredible marriage through the sense of smell

Smell is a sense that we often forget and which has an incredible power. Just think of when a smell brings to mind distant memories. An interesting idea can be to use different fragrances and during different phases of the reception. in order to create a bond between the guests and, of course, making them remember your special day!

Taste: the king of weddings

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You will surely have read a lot of wedding menus, why not choose a themed menu, perhaps that has a particular color as its theme? Or, another decidedly winning idea, can be to use edible centerpieces. We know that food can be a great way to break the ice among those present, especially at a table where not everyone knows each other ...

Touch is also important for an unforgettable wedding

Have you ever thought about how it could be interesting to involve this sense as well? For your big day use different materials, preferably recyclable: involve your guests as much as possible, they will certainly be delighted!

Let's not forget about hearing

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After choosing a noteworthy playlist, be sure to evaluate the acoustics of the church and the location chosen for the reception. Ok concert stun, when you come home and you are still a little confused by the music, but it's always good to remember that it is good to set limits ...

The view to remain etched in the memory

Sight, as mentioned, is the most used sense: it is based on what we choose the dress for a fairytale wedding and, precisely for this reason, it is a sense that cannot be neglected ...

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