Beach wedding: 4 tips for an unforgettable party

A beach wedding is such a captivating idea that even people who are not crazy about the sea will be struck by the scenography and the stroke of light and color of the nature around: the sea, the warm sand, the golden and bright sun (both in the morning, both during sunset) become a perfect frame for your love that, together with family and friends, only increases and the emotions that are created during a ceremony in the middle of nature, take the breath away of even the most skeptical ones! - Believe us, some of us have experienced all this live!

If you're the type who has always dreamed of a beach wedding, this article is for you! We have created a list with all the ideas, tips and inspirations to make this big dream come true without stress. From decoration and the perfect wedding dress to the best sea themed wedding favors ideas, here is everything you need to know to create an unforgettable party!

Before starting our list of 4 tips for an unforgettable party, watch the video of the 5 things that cannot be missing in a wedding:

1. The most suitable decoration: pay attention to the choice of flowers

A beach wedding requires a more informal decoration regardless, but this does not mean absolutely without care: a simple decoration, with rustic wood furniture, flying light fabrics (on Amazon you will find different options of chiffon or organza fabrics by the meter at prices really cheap!) and isolated and impressive flower arrangements are always a great decorative combination for a summer party!

The beach is usually quite a hot place, so you should try to avoid candles as a centerpiece. We know that candles create beautiful romantic "lighting, so if you don't feel like giving up, we recommend placing them on the floor or hanging them over the tables!"

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To avoid the dreaded dull flower arrangements, the flowers must be suitable for the hot / tropical climate. We recommend a mix of tropical flowers and lots of green leaves for both centerpieces and cake decoration, and for the bridal bouquet. We love the contrast between greens and bright colors, but there are beautiful compositions that combine green leaves with large pastel or neutral flowers.

The ideal plants for beach decoration are:

  • monstera leaves
  • palm leaves
  • calla (can be found in white, dark purple yellow and red)
  • protea (usually light pink, but can also be found in yellow and orange)
  • anthurium (also found in red, light green, white and light pink)
  • heliconia (always in red and yellow)
  • alpinia (usually they are bright pink, light pink and red)
  • strelitzia (always yellow and blue)
  • orchids (everyone knows it well, they are present in an infinity of different colors!)
  • tiare - small, very fragrant white or pink flowers with a yellow center

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Floral arrangements for beach weddings

2. The perfect mise en place: simple, clean and full of colors!

Since we are Italian and eating well is a must in any wedding, a beautiful mise en place consistent with the sea / beach theme completes the perfect "beach wedding experience".

We are big fans of the mix of colors and important decoration, however the table is a delicate matter, mainly because too much information together with the food makes the time to eat very confusing. In a beach wedding, nature and the landscape are already the protagonists, so we advise you to keep the table simple, slightly rustic and clean: no tall and bulky centerpieces that prevent people from looking at each other! For this style, the ideal floral compositions are low, rich in relief and colors that run along the table, even being able to hang on the sides (tropical flowers make this effect beautiful!).

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The mise en place must have few dishes to occupy as little space as possible, that is, only the glass of water and wine must be present together with a small plate for appetizers and cutlery for the course of the moment (which are changed at each flow rate). We advise you to follow the basic shade of the flowers chosen by you, or choose crockery and tablecloths in neutral / natural tones to make the centerpiece and floral compositions the protagonists of the decoration.

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© Beach wedding: mise en place ideas

3. The ideal bridal look for the beach: fresh and light

The wedding dress! This is the most magical moment of organizing a wedding on the beach!

For a heavenly setting in the middle of the sea breeze, the bridal look must bring back to a mermaid, a goddess and, since the heat is usually very present in a beach wedding, it is very important to choose a model with a train that is not too long (it makes mobility difficult) fresh, ruffled and soft!

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We recommend that you keep your comfort as a priority and focus on materials such as:

  • silk
  • chiffon
  • protection payment
  • light crepe
  • tule

If you don't like pure white, the variations need to be more staked which warm colors like:

  • ivory
  • antique white
  • floral white
  • White cream

Beach Wedding: The perfect wedding dress

© Beach wedding: the perfect dress

4. The perfect wedding favors: give emotions to your guests

The ideal wedding favor for a beach wedding must remind your guests of the magical moment they attended with you!

First of all, it is very important to choose the main feeling that you want your guests to remember to match it with the message of the wedding favors. The perfect time to choose this is alone, in the place where you will marry together and with your eyes closed. Think in your love, feel all the emotions and sensations to understand what is the main theme of your wedding. A small part of these emotions must be represented in your beach themed favors! Say goodbye to the usual favors with sugared almonds and say goodbye to the wedding favors that will bring back to your guests all the emotions of your wedding on the beach!

Here are some suggestions of sensations to represent in your favors:

  • the scent of the ocean - you can represent it with small bottles with cork stoppers containing essential oils (buy the set of 60 glass bottles on Amazon for € 19.99 and discover the essential oil options on offer on Amazon)
  • the feeling of sand in the feet - you can represent them by giving personalized flip-flops or a handmade jewel with shells (buy on Amazon in sets of 50 natural shells for € 8.79)
  • the sea breeze - you can represent it by giving your guests elegant fans (buy the set of 100 fans on Amazon for € 42.90)
  • the warm and welcoming climate - you can give your guests a set of scented candles that in addition to a special scent will bring the warm and romantic light of your party (discover the scented candle options on offer on Amazon)
  • a limoncello with friends after a nice summer dinner

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Beach wedding: wedding favor ideas

© Wedding on the beach: wedding favor ideas

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