The marriage between a 12-year-old and a 65-year-old that scandalizes the world (video)

A little girl dressed as a bride walks next to an older man, it could be her grandfather. This is a photo shoot in Times Square, the heart of New York. She is 12 and her husband is 65.
In this case it is about two actors who are interpreting a script written by Coby Persin, a youtuber. The boy wanted to conduct this social experiment to test the reaction of passers-by and this, of course, was not long in coming.

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The video has 5 million plays and thousands of astonished comments.
Some passersby just observe, others question the young bride who claims to be there at the behest of her parents.

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Anger, indignation, refusal for a scene that turned out to be a fake. The problem, however, is that arranged and forced marriages are a reality for more than 33,000 girls around the world.
We react to this video but ... why are we almost always immobile in the face of injustices?

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