Face massage: all the benefits and movements of facial massage for the well-being of your skin

Face massage is a practice full of benefits for the well-being, care and beauty of our skin. You can choose to give yourself a face massage in a wellness center, perhaps together with a facial cleansing or other beauty treatments, or learn how to practice a self-massage comfortably at home: by following our instructions to do it, you will see how many benefits you can get!

The skin of the face - as we know - is a particularly delicate skin area, and before proceeding with a face massage, a deep cleansing and the right hydration will be necessary. Just like the rest of the body, the muscles of the face can be trained, toned and relaxed with a nice facial massage, very useful for preventing wrinkles, firming, draining by improving blood circulation.

The action of a facial massage can in fact be relaxing, lymphatic drainage and anti-aging at the same time. Are you ready to immediately discover with us all its benefits and the movements to carry out a self-massage? We will also explain how to practice the famous Korean facial massage, a treatment beauty that is a real panacea for the care and beauty of your face!

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All the benefits of face massage

The benefits of facial massage are many: this beauty treatment has the ability to give elasticity to the skin of the face, making it more toned and luminous. By carrying out simple stretching and stretching movements of the skin, blood circulation is stimulated, thus allowing to activate the fibroblasts which, in turn, increase the production of collagen and elastin, substances capable of giving our face a healthy and hard.

If you perform a face massage when you are putting on a moisturizer, the result will be much better: the skin will better absorb the active ingredients of the creams, precisely because the blood circulation will be more stimulated, consequently assuming a more relaxed appearance. and reducing unsightly expression lines.

The same goes for an exfoliating scrub: passing the scrub on the skin with circular movements that allow the skin to drain, makes the removal of dead cells more effective, making the skin much softer to the touch and firmer. Activating the blood circulation of the face with a facial massage while doing the facial cleansing is a really effective trick to enhance the effects and take care of the beauty of your skin!

Finally, the face massage can have a draining action that helps eliminate the "swollen face" effect caused by the liquids that accumulate between one cell and the other. to stretch the features of the face and defeat the dreaded bags under the eyes:

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How to do a facial self-massage

To start practicing an effective face massage yourself, start by choosing a comfortable position, sitting or supine, that allows you to relax your shoulders. Stretch your fingers and palms over your neck, massaging with lifting and lifting movements of the skin from bottom to top. Try to apply vertical pressure as you go from the bottom towards the chin and oblique as you go from the center of the neck (so from the inside) up to the mandible.

After having stretched the skin of the neck, proceed upwards, massaging from the chin and cheekbones towards the ears and temples. hair.

Then use only the index and middle fingertips of both hands to massage the forehead going from the center outwards in both directions, as if you wanted to draw two curved lines that proceed towards the temples, and then go towards the " high, in the direction of the hair.

Always with index and middle fingers, massage the temples with circular movements, applying pressure with your fingers when you push upwards, imagining you are drawing a kind of 8. Then proceed with pressing the fingertips on the temples.

At this point, you can proceed with the massage in the eye area: press lightly under the eyebrow arch, lifting it from the bottom up, taking care to stimulate the entire arch. Continue you can with circular movements around the eyes, using index and middle fingers joined, from the inside of the eye
outwards, going down the lower edge of the eyelid. Not only will the wrinkles diminish with this draining massage, but also the dark circles!

Finally, go down again with the palms towards the chin, stretching the skin from the center towards the ears. Then finish your facial massage with a little pressure on the eyes, holding the cupped hands on the eyelids for a couple of minutes.

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Korean face massage

The Korean face massage has become famous and increasingly requested: it is a beauty treatment that today cannot be missing in a beauty center, but that you can very well practice yourself! What makes it so effective? This facial massage has the ability to stimulate all the muscles of the face by increasing the elasticity of the skin and improving circulation: to do this, it works on the so-called V Line (ie chin-ears). Massaging this area would help, according to Korean tradition, to expel toxins, making the skin more toned and luminous.

How to do it? First of all, after a thorough cleansing and hydration of the face, and then practicing it continuously and consistently. With your index and middle fingers, press the temples, right in the area between the eyebrows and the lateral hairline. At this point, with your index finger, press the sides of the nose several times in a row.

Close your fists and apply pressure to the brow area repeatedly. Finally, still with closed fists, press under the cheekbones. Very simple isn't it? You will see that it works!

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