Erotic tantra massage: ideal to warm up your love life

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Tantric massage is an ancient Indian practice that aims at sexual self-knowledge and liberation from any traumas and taboos related to sexuality.

Before starting, it is important to emphasize that, even if the sexual organs do not have to be stimulated, this is an activity in which you must trust the person who is massaging you: it is important that you feel comfortable even when you are touched by foreign hands. in some sensitive areas. If this is too much for you, you can of course also learn the Tantra massage technique from books and use it for your private love life.

Tantra is not just an intimate massage. Although many understand it as an erotic practice, this is not quite the case. In fact, in tantra, sexual practice is only one part of a series of sensory stimuli concerning love, eroticism and self-knowledge. The intense orgasm that can be experienced is not the goal, but a consequence of a series of sensory activities that will awaken your whole body with the aim of achieving fuller well-being, pleasure included.

The philosophy of tantra and neotantra

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The philosophy of tantra was born in India about 2,000 years ago and is centered on the human being seen as part of a larger whole: the universe and its forces. The neotantra, or the exploration of tantra through massage, as we know it today, is a more recent derivation of the practice and was created only in the 20th century. Developed by the Indian philosopher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (also known as Osho), this form of tantra interprets its practice as a way of connecting spirituality and corporeality through meditation, activation and awakening of the sexual energy of the pelvic area (shakra kundalini).

In light of all this, massage therapists specialized in tantric massage do not do this job for reasons of lust ... they do it for the benefit of people who many times and for various reasons limit or cancel their sexual energy, which is instead necessary to achieve emotional balance. , energetic and psychological.

Book "Tantra. The way of" sexual ecstasy "


Before practicing, you must learn the theory: discover the techniques to insert the practice of tantra into your sex life with this book available on Amazon in a flexible cover or Kindle format.

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What exactly is a tantra massage?

Classic massages usually offer relief from tension and blocked muscles. In the case of the tantric massage, the goal is very different: it is an enriched experience. The practice stimulates new sensory points present in the body and at the mental level and brings the recipient to a state of ecstasy and pure pleasure. In tantric massage, the body is sacred and celebrated and therefore receives very special attention.

What happens before the tantra massage?

Before starting the session, it is very important to have a conversation with the person who will give you the massage (it can be a therapist or your sweetheart), to bring to light possible traumas and insecurities and to understand together the limits of modesty and the points of your body that give you more pleasure. If you allow it, the massage can go as far as stimulating the sexual organs and other erotic areas.

After this preliminary discussion, you can take a relaxing shower to relax your muscles and prepare your mind for the massage.

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How is a tantric massage done?

Using warm oil, the massage must be done from head to toe, always paying attention to the small signals of pleasure and the reactions of the person receiving the massage. The process can take up to ninety minutes, or until you think that's enough. Stimulating the genitals is not mandatory, but it is an important part of the massage; as well as being pleasant, it can strengthen the couple's trust and intimacy. There are some stimulating massage techniques for both the female organ and the male organ. You must not be impatient in achieving pleasure: some practices provide that you should not reach it after the first massage, as it can last several days of sessions, until the orgasm arrives in an intense way, charging you with pleasure and at the same time freeing you from tensions. It's beautiful!

Book The Tantra Massage


The tantric massage requires a lot of responsibility from those who apply it.To be sure that you will achieve an exceptional massage in your love, look at this book which teaches all the techniques following the ancient tantra doctrine.

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What makes the orgasm of the tantric massage so intense?

First of all, orgasm in tantric practice involves many sensory points, including some that may never have been stimulated before. It requires time, patience and a lot of dedication both on the part of the person who does the massage and on the one who receives it: if performed with care, patience, love and respect it will bring a lot of pleasure and greater knowledge and intimacy to the couple. The slow and intense movements will awaken the whole body to erotic sensations. The goal is to reach a state of maximum energy, a sense of pleasure in the whole body, which is perceived as ecstasy.

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Tantra enhances sex

Tantra is a practice created with a lot of study and dedication and is an excellent tool to bring lovers closer together, or to eliminate traumas and sexual blocks acquired in life. The tantric massage is a source of self-knowledge and a broad deepening of the couple's intimacy not limited only to the genitals, but to the whole body and mind, rebalancing the energies.

Do you want to try it too?

If you want to learn it yourself: you can read the book “Tantra. The way of "sexual ecstasy" suggested in this article and with the help of a vibrator or a tantric therapist, try to explore all the most exogenous points of your body. If you want to try together with your love, the massage guide book Tantrics suggested in this article together with an erotic massage oil will make your experience extremely special!

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