Taking care of the marble

Marble is very easy to clean: to make it shine, just wipe it with a rag soaked in water, soap and bleach. You can also use castile soap or an ammonia-based solution.

If your marble is really very dirty, prepare a mixture with 25 g of chloride of lime, half a liter of water and some calcium carbonate. Spread this paste on the marble and let it act for at least an hour, then rinse the surface well.

Never forget to polish the marble after washing it! To do this, rub the surface with a dry cloth and some calcium carbonate or talcum powder.

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Good to know: to protect the marble from scratches, cover it with a transparent wax.

Remove stains

To remove stains from marble cover them with a little acetone which you will leave to act for two or three hours, then rinse thoroughly. For the most stubborn stains, however, you will have to resort to a specialist who will come to smooth the surface.

In any case, even stained marble can shine! The winning recipe: lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and flammable alcohol.

Rediscover the splendor of white

With the passage of time, white marble loses its splendor. The only solution is to rub the surface with a soft brush and oxalic acid dissolved in the water (7 or 8 tablespoons in a liter of water). Rinse everything well and let it dry.

Repair the marble

The marble has broken! Before you despair, remove the dust from the edges of the crack, clean and apply epoxy glue on the two parts to be repaired. Combine and let dry.

Smooth the joint with a fine-grained abrasive product, polish it with a very fine-grained water-based abrasive paper and finally apply a polishing cream with a cotton swab.

Remember: even if you managed to repair it, once broken the marble will remain fragile.

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