Auction for Marilyn's white dress

The dress has become a real icon of the common imagination, thanks to the scene in which the diva holds her skirt from the air coming from a subway grate, winking a smile as surprised as it is mischievous.

A series of fan-collectors who adore the Hollywood diva are competing for the dress. It is a pity that in New York they are not very happy: the Save the dress association, created for this occasion, has set up a fundraiser to prevent the dress be beaten by a private individual who perhaps would have no intention of exhibiting it.

All those interested can donate a sum from 5 to 500 dollars, with the possibility of subscribing to the place where they would like to exhibit the white dress.

It remains only to wait to see if the US citizens will be able to win this auction to save the Subway Dress, so called overseas.

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