Latte caramel manicure: the nail trend of spring 2020

If you're on the hunt for the latest nail trends, here's a super cool and delicious one: the caramel latte manicure. Inspired by the caramel cappuccino, fragrant and enveloping, this nail art in caramel tones will make you crazy.
Here's how to make it even if warm colors are not among those that give you the most.

But first, a quick review on how to make a perfect manicure:

Latte caramel nails: here's how to do them

The closer we get to spring, the more we want to surround ourselves with light and bright colors, with warm tones that remind us of the sun.
That's why caramel latte is the perfect nude for mid-seasons.
A mix of very light and milky nudes and warm and intense browns, to be tried with the mismatched nail technique, or a different color for each nail or by combining them with your favorite nail art.
The perfect caramel shade is by Essie, on Amazon for € 14.12.

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How to combine caramel with cold tones

If, according to the rules of "armocromia", warm and orange colors are absolutely not in your palette (actually caramel is particularly suitable for those who have a warm undertone of the balls) you can always turn them off with cold tones. Try mixing the caramel with pale pinks. and cold or grayscale. Again, mismatched nails are the best choice.
Let yourself be inspired by the gallery:

Milk caramel nails 2020