Is eating moldy foods bad for you? What should we avoid and what not!

We don't find mold only on the dampest walls of our home: how many times do you have to throw away an entire portion of food because you have noticed a small moldy part? And if instead you have decided not to throw but only to remove the affected part, how bad is it to eat mold? Let's start by saying that there are good molds (such as that of gorgonzola, therefore ingestible) and less good molds, which it would be much better not to ingest as they can cause damage especially to the intestine and kidneys.
Here's something we don't want to ever mold, look:

Foods to throw away immediately if mold appears

Starting from the certainty that ingesting mold is more harmful than anything else, there are foods that can be ingested by removing the moldy part. In general we can say that: cooked and uncooked meat, sausages, wet foods or foods that contain a lot of water such as fruit, cucumbers, sauces, fresh cheeses and yogurt should not be consumed if moldy, even eliminating the rotten part . And this also applies to baked goods, such as bread, toast or products such as cooked cereals and pasta. In short, if mold appears on these foods, throw them immediately (don't even think about giving them to any animal) and clean the container or the part of the fridge on which they were placed.

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What foods can be eaten by removing mold

There are some occasions when mold is tolerable or even gourmet, such as for some cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Castelmagno or Roquefort. As for, however, foods such as carrots, cabbage, broccoli; hard cheeses, sausages such as salami and raw ham, which are more compact products, it is possible to remove mold accurately and eat them. Of course, this cannot and should not become a "habit, but to avoid waste it is possible from time to time. Good practice, of course, would be to buy food in proportionate quantities to prevent it from becoming moldy over time.

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Damage that can cause ingesting mold

Ingesting mold can cause various problems to the body, affecting different areas: as regards the gastrointestinal tract, with nausea and vomiting. In the kidney area there can be damage that is amplified for those who suffer from kidney stones and who have the urinary system fatigued by bacteria or candida. It goes without saying that those who are allergic to molds could immediately have a reaction, but this also applies to those who are not directly allergic. In short, avoiding these micro-toxins from entering the body is highly recommended.

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What we ingest is very important, see here how much the right foods can affect our health:

If you want to know more about moldy foods, you can consult the Humanitas Medical Care website.

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