Mom, I'll save the planet! When the school educates to respect the environment with the imagination

What relationship do your children have with nature? Today, the interest in ecological and environmental sustainability issues is fortunately increasing, thanks also to the commitment of public figures and concrete initiatives that aim to stir public opinion and make it increasingly sensitive to the issue. One of the ways to succeed is precisely to talk to the little ones - future generations of the planet - and get them used to developing an ethical awareness of the environment and its protection right away. Not only will they therefore love nature but they will also learn to take care of it and defend it.

Living in contact with nature, after all, brings proven benefits to both physical and mental health, and it is essential that today children - less and less accustomed to contact with greenery - are educated to respect the environment and understand the importance of its protection. for their own future. The school plays a primary role in "helping the very young to become aware citizens, capable of making responsible decisions for the well-being of the planet.

Starting from these considerations, Conad, with the precious collaboration of the WWF, has conceived the educational project "Writers of the Class - Save the planet", intended for all primary and lower secondary school classes, inviting them to participate in the fifth edition. of the literary competition "Writers of Class", whose theme this year will be precisely "Save the planet." A fun and stimulating way to bring children closer to some of the most urgent environmental problems.

Class writers: unleash your creativity with Geronimo Stilton!

"Scrittori di Classe", the creative writing competition promoted by Conad as part of the "Together for the School" project, returns this year too, highly anticipated by thousands of classes, with a very current topic and an exceptional testimonial. : the nice mouse-journalist Geronimo Stilton, loved by children all over the world!

The topic on which children will be invited to reflect, reason and unleash their imagination is precisely the protection of our planet: an important stimulus to discover the beauty and fragility of the world that will allow all of them to get closer to the values โ€‹โ€‹of ecology. and respect for nature, in a complete educational path developed by Editrice La Scuola.

The mouse Geronimo will accompany the participants in this creative adventure: it will be he who proposes the eight incipits from which the children will be able to produce their stories and reward the winners. The best texts, in fact, will become part of a special series of books signed by Geronimo Stilton and WWF to be collected in all Conad stores.

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How to participate?

Participating in "Scrittori di Classe" is very simple: teachers can register their classes on the website Each participating class will have to choose one of Geronimo Stilton's eight incipits and write a short story no longer than 10,000 characters, inspired by the theme. The stories will then be uploaded to the site by November 20, 2018.

After loading the work, an automatic system will assign to the class, randomly and anonymously, 3 stories from other classes in the race, of the same level but with a different beginning, to be evaluated. In order to enter the ranking, each class must evaluate all 3 works received (the evaluations must be carried out by 4 December 2018).

Thanks to the average of the marks received by the other classes, each work will total a score that will compose a ranking for each incipit. The first 10 short stories classified for each incipit will be delivered to a special jury who will decide which are the best 8 (one for each incipit) to be transformed into books.

What do you win?

For all the classes that have participated there will be a personalized certificate, plus 300 gift vouchers for the Together for the School 2019 catalog. The 10 finalist classes for each incipit will receive 2000 gift vouchers, while the 8 winners will be able to choose a prize as they wish. of the catalog itself, as well as the satisfaction of seeing their work transformed into a book and the pleasure of spending a day with Geronimo Stilton himself!

And the teachers? Those who register at least one class in the competition will get free participation in a cycle of webinars: online training pills on environmental issues, which will allow them to obtain a certificate recognized by the MIUR as an updating activity.

All the details and information to participate are on the website Teachers will also be able to find many teaching materials and interactive lessons developed by Editrice La Scuola with the technical advice of WWF.

In defense of bees in the WWF Oasis!

Conad has chosen to stimulate young students to learn not only to know the environment, but also to protect it and feel responsible for its health, making appropriate choices. For a similar goal, it could not have chosen a better partner than WWF, which has always been this way. careful to promote and sensitize even the little ones on environmental issues.

To strengthen the positive impact of the project, Conad will also support the WWF activities for the protection of bees in the Oases: by the spring of 2019, a dozen areas on the Italian territory will host awareness raising facilities, called "bee-hotels" : real flowered bands that will serve to protect the nice yellow and black striped insects. Kids will love them!

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