5 good habits that help keep children away from seasonal ailments

Cold, cough, flu, sore throat and so on and so forth: the season of ailments is about to begin! It is known that the transition from summer to autumn is rather delicate, especially for children, who tend to get sick more easily.

So start right away with some small moves to include in your daily life that can help your children cope with the arrival of the cold season in the best possible way.

Before discovering the small steps to help your children face the arrival of winter in the best possible way, we recommend in this video, small daily tricks to protect them from germs.

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1. Don't cover it up too much right away

The temperatures drop a few degrees and, terrified by the idea that your child might get cold, do you dress him up with your entire winter wardrobe? Nothing more wrong! Children have the same body temperature as adults, there is no need to cover them excessively in the very first cold days. In fact, it is enough to cover them a little more without exaggerating, adapting the clothing according to the type of day in progress. , with an unpredictable climate like that of the change of season, you are always afraid that by dressing them too much they can sweat and by dressing them too little they can get sick ...

The solution in these cases is the classic "onion" clothing, ie in layers: always put a cotton tank top, then a t-shirt, a sweater - more or less heavy, depending on the day - and then a jacket (better if waterproof in case there is danger of rain or wind), together with a light scarf (keep the wool for the winter!), and that's it! In this way your baby will avoid sweating too much and, if he feels hot, it can easily take off a few layers without too many problems.

2. Remember to ventilate the rooms to avoid stale air

This simple habit can help you a lot in preventing seasonal ailments not only for your child, but for all the inhabitants of the house, including you! Changing the air in the different rooms is essential to allow the release of harmful microorganisms. Remember to leave the windows open for at least twenty minutes, so that the replacement can be complete.

Pay attention to the temperature of the room: even if it is cold outside, it must not be higher than 22 degrees, because excessive heat favors the proliferation of viruses and bacteria. Put an extra layer on your child and turn down the heating a little. It will also help him not to make the overhang when he has to go out. Also remember, if you are a smoker, never to smoke at home: smoking hurts the baby, makes his airways more fragile and exposes him more to ailments.

3. Start using an immunostimulant for your baby early

The immune defenses represent a real shield against aggression from external agents. Supporting your baby's immune defenses is therefore of paramount importance.

Play in advance on seasonal ailments and then start giving your child an immunostimulant as soon as possible. Choose a food supplement based on Vitamins C, D, E and also Zinc, all essential elements for the normal functioning of the immune system.

4. Respect his rhythms

The change of season is not easy for anyone, not even for a child. Be careful to respect his rhythms of adaptation to the new autumn routine, without forcing him too much, especially when you realize that he is very tired.

Fatigue and stress, in fact, lower the body's immune defenses and expose it more easily to attack by viruses and bacteria. Make sure that the moment of awakening is not too traumatic for your child: allow him to do things calmly in the morning - for example, a peaceful breakfast to be enjoyed in company - so that he has the time necessary to wake up completely, without being catapulted. in the daily routine too abruptly. Sometimes, setting the alarm a little earlier, to be able to do everything without excessive haste, allows you to leave in the best way, yes even if you sleep ten minutes less! Then try, if possible and if your baby is still small, to always give him a nap in the afternoon and, even if he is older, not to make him go to bed too late, guaranteeing him at least 9-10 hours a night. Regularity is essential, and slowly he will be able to get used to the new rhythms that require autumn season.

5. Make him a nice orange juice every morning

Get into the good habit of squeezing fresh oranges every morning for your child (and why not, you too!). The orange juice is in fact a real cure-all against seasonal ailments. It will help your child stock up on vitamin C, the nutrient that more than any other has the ability to strengthen the immune system and prevent flu and colds.

An orange juice also contains mineral salts and vitamins B1 and B2, which help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Find out immediately what are the other foods that strengthen the immune defenses to be integrated in your diet:

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