Make up tutorial: Find out how to create a fun Mexican skull makeup for Halloween

An absolute hit at all parties, the Mexican skull is already becoming a great Halloween classic. There are many versions: pink skull for a more scary glam look, "transparent", half face, totally colored .... You don't need much for an original creation: a face painting kit with assorted colors, a black wig with a modern cut and a tiara full of fake flowers to add more drama.

We have created a tutorial for a scarier and more aggressive makeup, where we mix the typical elements of the classic skull together with a few points of colors. To make the disguise even more important, a bright red t-shirt will add that most fashionable touch to your look.

12 colors kit for Halloween makeup

A set with 12 different colors can be useful not only for creating an amazing Halloween makeup, but for all theme parties! In addition, this set also contains 2 colors with glitter that will further stimulate your creativity!

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Fake Blood Set

Fake blood is a must-have for creating really flashy makeup with realistic effect! In this tutorial we have used it in the corners of the lips along with a bright and vibrant red lipstick. On Amazon we found a super deal: a set of 10 fake blood tubes for only € 11.99! You will have a chance to scare everyone for quite a while!

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Headband with fake flowers

We didn't use it in our tutorial, but if you want a slightly more feminine and trendy look, this hair band with artificial flowers can be a beautiful solution.

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